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BTB Cowboys Draft Poll: Who Would Have You Tickled At 28? Who Would Scare You?

We want to know which prospect would be a cause for celebration at 28 and which one would leave you scratching your head.

NFL: 2016 NFL Draft Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

We are less than two weeks away from one of the best days on the NFL calendar. That’s right, the 2017 NFL Draft is just around the corner. At this point, we’ve discussed every single scenario that could happen for the Cowboys when they officially go on the clock for pick 28. When you’re picking at the end of the first round, you have the entire shape of the draft in front of you. It’s hard to know just who will be available until you watch how it all unfolds. No mock draft in the world is going to be able to give you exact data to predict the fallout. We all just have to wait and see which is causing us all to grow weary and anxious.

Today, we decided to check the pulse of the BTB writers and community by asking two simple questions. Which prospect would have you tickled if they became a Dallas Cowboy on April 27th and which prospect would scare you if the Cowboys took them at 28? It’s important to keep it as realistic as we possibly can but anything can happen in the draft and we encourage a little creativity. First up, we get the goods from our great staff of writers here at BTB.

Danny Phantom:

Love It - Takkarist McKinley, DE, UCLA

It would tickle my fancy quite a bit to hear Takk's name called in the first round. And it's not just because of all the different ways I could work his name into a clever title, although that's a bonus. I love McKinley because he possesses so many of the traits needed to be an elite pass rusher. He's explosive, he can bend enough to get around blockers, and he'll throw some power at you. This kid is hungry and I just think the Cowboys’ locker room will provide him the perfect environment to be something special.

Disappointed - Obi Melifonwu, S, UConn

While I have my own reservations about J.J.'s little brother being picked at 28, I wouldn't flip out about it. What would bother me though is if they reached deeper for a player like Melifonwu. It would be a panic move. “Help me Obi Melifonwu, you're my only hope” is not something I want Jerry Jones messaging into a droid and shipping off to Roger Goodell at the podium.


Love It - Derek Barnett, DE, Tennessee

Some would argue that he is the most advanced pass rusher in the draft as the prospects stand today, even more so than Myles Garrett. He's only an average athlete as far as pure speed and explosiveness (which is what could cause him to drop) but he has all the makings of a consistent 8-12 sack per year player due to his technique, hand usage, balance, strong hands, and first step.

Disappointed - Zach Cunningham, LB, Vanderbilt

Has everything you want physically as far as height, speed, length, and overall athleticism, but when I watched him I saw way too many missed tackles, poor form, a lack of instincts/ability to diagnose plays, and a tendency to disappear. His potential is through the roof but there are just too many holes in his game that are critical to playing the linebacker position for me to draft him at 28 with all the talent at positions of much greater need.

Manik Aggarwal:

Love It - Gareon Conley, CB, Ohio State

I think Conley would step right into the starting cornerback role and give Dallas a premier young defensive back who can become the next shutdown corner.

Disappointed - Jabrill Peppers, SS, Michigan

Knowing what we know now, in today's league, we do not need another Roy Williams (hard-hitting but a liability in pass coverage), but rather a solid safety who can call plays, play every down and perform both at the line as well as in coverage.

Dawn Macelli:

Love It – Takkarist McKinley, DE, UCLA

Takk is my personal choice for the Dallas Cowboys. Of all the talent that will be available when Dallas goes on the clock, Takk is the one who has the most potential to make an impact early on.

Disappointed – Jabrill Peppers, SS, Michigan

Peppers’ shortcomings were hidden in a defensive scheme that allowed him to succeed by being an athlete. In the NFL he is going to need to be a complete player or he will be exposed.


Love It - Gareon Conley, CB, Ohio State

Don't be surprised if Conley turns out to be the better of the two Buckeye cornerbacks.

Disappointed - T.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin

He has only one season of work at the position, during which much of his production came unblocked or versus tight ends. He’s had multiple injuries to both knees. Too much talk about the motor, effort, and his brother, not enough talk about burst, bend, and explosiveness.

Michael Sisemore:

Love It – Takkarist McKinley, DE, UCLA

I’m not at all too concerned with his shoulder surgery even if it does keep him out a month into the season, he played through it for two seasons. Takk is an explosive player that has improved with each year and has the bend and burst needed for the position. The Cowboys need a good speed rusher with the motor and abilities to hunt quarterbacks.

Disappointed – Adoree’ Jackson, CB, USC

Anytime Bryan Broaddus and Dane Brugler hint at a player they know this team likes, ears perk up. When Brugler mocked Jackson to the Cowboys in the first round, I nearly lost my lunch. I’m fully aware that he’s one of the best athletes in this year’s class and is a special team’s ace but this would be a huge whiff. Jackson is limited as a cornerback prospect, he misses tackles, he guesses way too much and he lacks length and strength at the NFL level. This team doesn’t need a slot cornerback with the first pick.

Dave Halprin:

Love It - Derek Barnett, DE, Tennessee

The combine numbers seem to have some teams worried, and he's been up and down in mock drafts. I doubt he falls down to the Cowboys but would be very happy if he did. The guy is a model of consistent pass rush production.

Disappointed - T.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin

The Cowboys would likely be asking him to play a position that he's never played before, put his hand down as a 4-3 defensive end. His lack of experience on defense and possible knee problems are also a concern. Probably a great candidate for a 3-4 defense, but Dallas would need to be creative in their scheme to get the best out of him.

Well, it seems like we have some Takk fans here with a little Gareon and Barnett sprinkled in. Now, we turn it over to you to decide. Which prospect would send you flying off the couch in jubilation? Which prospect would make you take a cold shower, fully clothed, while listening to the Cure after hearing his name called?

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