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ESPN’s Bill Barnwell Proposes A Trade For Cowboys To Get Richard Sherman

Could the Cowboys really land the star cornerback?

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Mock drafts are the lifeblood of the NFL during the months of February through April. So many are produced, so few end up being accurate, but we read them anyway. It’s all entertainment in the end. Over at ESPN, Bill Barnwell notes that almost any mock draft is inherently inaccurate because it usually doesn’t include trades. So once a year he goes about creating an all-trade first round. He takes each pick and proposes a trade that team could make with that pick, and each trade operates independently of other trades. So he’s not actually predicting a first-round mock, but individual possible trades for each first-round pick.

The one he proposes for the Cowboys will raise many eyebrows.

28. Dallas Cowboys

Seahawks get: 1-28, 2018 fifth-round pick

Cowboys get: CB Richard Sherman

The Panthers' offer at No. 8 would be the high end of a return for Sherman. This, on the other hand, would be the lowest offer the Seahawks would likely be willing to accept for their franchise cornerback, and it might make the stomachs of Seattle fans churn. The Cowboys are likely to be competing with the Seahawks atop the NFC this season and in years to come, and Sherman would be a major upgrade at Dallas' weakest position. If the Seahawks are committed to removing Sherman from their locker room, though, the Cowboys are likely to be interested.

You don't need me to tell you that Sherman is the exact sort of superstar Jerry Jones wants to acquire. The Cowboys would go over the cap by acquiring Sherman, but they've already created some cap space for 2017 by extending Jason Witten, and Dallas could convert most of Dez Bryant's $13 million base salary into a signing bonus to create additional cap room. The Cowboys could also offer Sherman an extension which would begin next season, as the cornerback enters the final year of his deal, and Tony Romo's massive cap charge comes off the books.

We had a brief moment a week or two ago when many people were connecting the Cowboys to a Richard Sherman trade. Partly because of the Cowboys desperate need at cornerback, and partly because attaching the Cowboys name to anything brings in readers.

Two things to consider as noted in Barnwell’s explanation above. One is that he already had proposed a Sherman trade, this one involving the Carolina Panthers. Remember, the trades act independently so he can trade the same person twice. In that trade scenario the Panthers send their eighth-overall pick and their third-round pick (#98) for Sherman and the Seahawks second-round pick (#58).

The second thing Barnwell notes is that the Cowboys trade scenario is probably the low-end of what the Seahawks would ever take. In looking at this trade, I think the Cowboys would have to up the offer with their 2018 pick. Barnwell has a fifth-rounder in 2018, the Seahawks would probably be asking for a fourth- or third-rounder.

What say you BTB community? Would you try and trade for Richard Sherman? If so, just how much would you be willing to give up in order to get him? Hit the comments and let us know.

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