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NFL Draft 2017 Profile: Cornerback Teez Tabor (Cowboys Pre-Draft Visits)

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A closer look at one of the Cowboys 30 pre-draft visits, cornerback Teez Tabor.

Missouri v Florida Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

We continue looking at prospects in the upcoming 2017 NFL Draft from a decidedly Cowboys point of view. Taking the Cowboys current personnel, draft position, scheme, and needs into consideration; defensive line, linebacker, defensive backs, as well as complementary offensive pieces at tight end and right tackle, we hope to profile the majority of the potential prospects that could realistically end up as Cowboys within the first two rounds. Now that all of the “official visits” have leaked we’ll profile as many of the visitors as we can.

Today’s Prospect - (Reported pre-draft visitor)

#31 - Teez Tabor - Cornerback - Florida - 6-0, 199

Career Stats:

Games Watched: Florida St., Arkansas, Vanderbilt, LSU, Missouri, Alabama

Pros: Ideal height and weight with good length/long arms. Excellent ball skills with instincts and the coordination to locate the ball in the air and make a play, aggressively goes for the interception over breaking up the pass. Very good feel for zone, particularly off/zone coverage, shows the ability to read through receivers and come off the primary in order to make a play. Has quick feet and the ability to flip hips to turn and run with receivers. Dangerous as a returner once the ball is in his hands. Drives well on the ball with good closing speed. Primarily played off coverage in college and looks most comfortable when he can keep his eyes on the ball/quarterback rather than having to turn and run with receivers in man coverage. Very good production with 8 interceptions and 28 pass deflections in just three seasons, without a redshirt year.

Cons: Not very physical at the line of scrimmage when he does play press and rarely jams receivers, and when he does it isn’t particularly effective. Struggles in run support, lacks aggression, and doesn’t finish tackles, you see a lot of “business decisions” and diving at ankles. Will likely struggle with big/physical receivers in the NFL. Loses balance at times in man coverage when receivers are at the top of their route. Change of direction isn’t smooth and backpedal/footwork is unrefined and choppy at times. Long speed was a question mark even before his unbelievably poor 40 times at the Combine and Pro Day (4.62+). Doesn’t project into the slot at all. Narrow frame/lower body, lacks strength and bulk. Suspended multiple times for drug test-related issues and fighting with teammates, and there have been several instances of odd comments from him and his camp.


Interception from Off/Zone vs. Vanderbilt
Flips Hips and Runs vs. Arkanasas
Punches Ball Out Deep Downfield vs. LSU
PBU from Off/Zone vs. Florida St.
Click and Close Tackle from Off vs. LSU
Interception from Off vs. Missouri

Conclusion: Very scheme-specific prospect due to his excellent ability in off/zone but questionable fit in press/man coverage. If the coaching staff were going to a pure-Tampa 2 in the secondary I’d consider him much more seriously but his lack of versatility/physicality, struggles in run support, and questionable at best deep speed are significant concerns. His natural ball skills and prototypical height/weight are certainly enticing but that can only take a player so far.

If he were completely pristine off the field he’d be a consideration at 60, but with all the question marks off the field I don’t think you could justify taking this player until 92 considering the overall depth of the class, and especially at cornerback. To me his talent isn’t worth the potential headache until you get out of the second-round.


I do not have access to coach’s film or anything of that nature, I just watch plenty of football (television broadcast version) and go off what I see out of a prospect.

Special thanks to DraftBreakdown for posting the videos that help provide a more in-depth look at this year’s prospects.