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Cowboys News: Why Cowboys Don't Plan To Trade Up In 2017 NFL Draft

The pre-draft press conference is always good for a few nuggets of information - if you know Jerry-speak. According to the owner, the Cowboys look at this draft as a good year to "stay put".

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Jerry: "This Is A Real Good Year For Staying Put" In Draft’s Early Rounds - Rob Phillips, Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys still have a reputation as movers and shakers on draft weekend, even if their recent history suggests otherwise.

"I don’t know if it’s because we need so many good football players or because there are some good football players there, especially in those early rounds. But in my experience, it’s wasting your time to talk about what you might do trading in the later rounds. As far as value, what opportunities we might have there, you don’t ever want to predetermine what you’re going to do. But certainly, if you stay there we will have an opportunity to really help our team, in my view."

Possible Pick: Malik McDowell Offers D-Line Versatility At Tackle, End - Rob Phillips, Dallas Cowboys

With less than one month until the start of the 2017 NFL Draft on April 27, the staff of intends to preview the landscape of possible Cowboys draft picks – from the first round to the last. Today’s featured player is Michigan State’s Malik McDowell.

Scout’s Take: Physically is as good looking as they come. Plays with initial quickness and this is surprising because at times he is in a narrow base. I was really how surprised at how well he moved playing in such a poor stance. Coaches will change at the next level without a doubt. When he is bad, he tends to play a little tall. When he plays with bend to his knees, he is a much better player. Impressive power to fight the double team or hold the point. Can really close for a big man. Impressive how he is able to work down the line to chase the ball. There is a burst and foot quickness. Can rush wide and close. Has some bend to his game when he rushes the passer.

If Cowboys draft a pass-rusher at No. 28, don't expect a 'war daddy' - Todd Archer, ESPN
For nine years, the Cowboys had an elite pass-rusher in DeMarcus Ware. Since his departure, though, they've been woefully without one.

What can be expected of a first-round pass-rusher?

Since 2012, some 24 pass-rushers, either 4-3 defensive ends or 3-4 outside linebackers, have been selected in the first round. Only seven had six or more sacks as a rookie, led by Joey Bosa, the third overall pick a year ago, who had 10.5 for San Diego.

Nerve in Jaylon Smith's knee regenerating; LB can lift his toes - Ian Rapoport,
The nerve in Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith's knee has started regenerating again, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reports. There is still a long way to go, but he's slowly regaining muscle control.

A source informed of Smith's prognosis said the nerve in Smith's knee has started to regenerate. There is still a long way to go, but he's slowly getting muscle control.

Smith can now lift up his toes and he can lift his foot. More good news. What no one knows is when or if the nerve will completely return to normal. Internally, the Cowboys continue to minimize expectations and know he has a ways to go. Nevermind that he missed football last year and must catch up on the field.

Source: Cowboys Jaylon Smith Can Now Lift His Toes, Nerve Is Regenerating - Dave Halprin, Blogging The Boys

Great news for the Cowboys and Jaylon Smith as his recovery progresses.

One year ago, just around this time, the Dallas Cowboys shocked many observers when they drafted linebacker Jaylon Smith in the second round. Smith was coming off a horrific knee injury that had damaged a nerve and threatened his football career. Today, a source revealed that Smith has taken a huge step in his recovery by being able to lift his toes, a sign that his nerve is regenerating.

Jason Garrett: Jeff Heath worthy to compete for starting safety job - Drew Davison, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Jeff Heath ranked third with seven special teams tackles last season, and was credited with 20 tackles in limited defensive work.

"Every time we’ve given him a chance to play on defense, he does something really good for our football team," Garrett said. "Makes tackles. Makes interceptions. He’s just demonstrated that he’s worthy to be in this conversation about competing for that starting safety spot."

DeMarcus Ware officially retires as a Cowboy - Todd Archer, ESPN

Ware, eighth on the all-time sacks list, retired as a Dallas Cowboy on Monday and relayed what it meant to him to play for America's Team.

"This right here is a lifetime opportunity," Ware said at a Monday news conference, flanked by owner and general manager Jerry Jones, executive vice president Stephen Jones and coach Jason Garrett. "As a kid, you usually don't think about [that], when you're sitting in the backyard and you're playing for America's Team. Yeah, you play for America's Team, but you've etched yourself in the star's history and that means something to me."

Jerry Jones happy that Tony Romo isn’t in another uniform - Drew Davison, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is heading to the broadcast booth at CBS Sports.

"It just really shows me that positive things are more likely to happen to you than because of you," Jones said. "And so we’ve had some really good things happen to our team. I, candidly, would have to say that’s been the story in a large part of the positives of my life and career. But certainly to be sitting here right now with the future as we have it, I could have never dreamed that this hand would have been dealt this way.

"We certainly have every reason to frankly be more positive today than we were a year ago. But I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I was given that thought during the season as well."

Will ‘TV Tony’ Work 2 Dallas Cowboys Games? - Mike Fisher, CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

For Dallas Cowboys watchers, an added attraction to last week's announcement of the NFL schedule is the tracking of assignments for Tony Romo, The former Dallas QB who is now CBS' lead analyst.

CBS has the rights to the Nov. 5 game when the Kansas City Chiefs visit AT&T Stadium in a nationally-televised 3:25 p.m. game. It is expected that Romo will be assigned to that game. CBS also has the rights to the Thanksgiving Day meeting at AT&T Stadium when the Los Angeles Chargers are at the Cowboys in a 3:30 p.m. start.

Slaytics 2017: Another Tool For The Draft Has Implications For Cowboys - Tom Ryle, Blogging The Boys
Analyst Ethan Young takes SPARQ numbers and combines them with physical dimensions to try and come up with an even better predictor of NFL success. We apply it to how the Cowboys may be thinking in the draft.

As fans, we are caught up in trying to figure out who the Cowboys will take. We are obviously handicapped by not having the extensive staff and huge amounts of data that the team does, but it doesn’t stop us. And the league-wide fascination for the draft has led to a constantly growing body of draft boards, prospect rankings, and statistical analyses to try and give us all some idea of which players are going to be first-rounders, who might be a late-round gem, and those who will likely have desultory NFL careers.

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