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Cowboys News: Add A Safety To The List Of Cowboys Pre-Draft Visits

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All the news that’s fit to print for the Cowboys on a Monday morning.

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NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are definitely in the market for defensive linemen and secondary players in the upcoming draft. OCC had the list from yesterday of pre-draft visits for the Cowboys and the list was peppered with defensive ends and cornerbacks. Now, we can add a safety to the list.

He’s projected as a middle or late-round pick. says:


Thompson in an instinctive cover safety with strong ball skills and a history of production during his time at Colorado. Lacks physicality to operate around the box, but his football intelligence and playmaking skills will get him drafted and could give him a shot at eventually starting.

PFF says:

Bottom line: Thompson is a safety that despite lacking top-end athletic measurable, is able to make up for it with great anticipation and awareness. His ball skills are every bit as outstanding as his stat line suggests, which makes him an interesting long-term study in terms of production vs. athletic capacity. With such a loaded class, his disappointing combine numbers are likely to push him to the middle rounds, but there’s a well-roundedness to his game that suggests he could develop into a starter.

BTB Mailbag Post 4/2 - BTB FanPost

We’ll bee doing another Mailbag Edition of the weekly BTB Podcast. Click the link above to ask your question and it may show up this week in the podcast.

Best of Kate Hairopoulos: Damontre Moore's potential; what exodus of DBs means for Cowboys - The DMN

The Cowboys are looking everywhere to create some pass rush, including signing a player in free agency who many thought was out of chances.

Question: Which of the Cowboys' new additions has the highest upside?

Hairopoulos: Damontre Moore is the obvious one, because the Cowboys are hoping taking a low-risk chance on him could reap big rewards. He's always had talent but hasn't been able to fully realize it because of maturity issues. Hopefully joining his hometown team and learning from previous mistakes will lead to a breakthrough for him. OT Byron Bell has substantial game experience. The Cowboys could well need to turn to him if Chaz Green can't stay healthy as Doug Free's replacement at right tackle.

If the Cowboys can somehow straighten out Moore and help him get his career back on track, they could reap some big benefits. But that’s a big If. The Cowboys are always trying reclamation projects, sometimes they work, sometimes they work for a little while and sometimes they are a bust. We’ll see what happens with Moore.

Does this draft have the next Dak Prescott? The 10 best QB prospects - The DMN

Everybody is looking for the next Dak.

Dak Prescott shocked the NFL world last season, going from late fourth-round pick to starter and then Rookie of the Year. Franchise quarterbacks aren't usually available after the first few rounds. Several years could pass before another one is found that late.

This year's class of quarterbacks has a lot of question marks. No one is certain which will go first or how many will be picked in the first round.

You can check out the top-rated QB’s in the article, but I’d say the chances are definitely slim that the next Dak is in this draft.

What Can The Cowboys Expect In The 2017 Draft? A Look Back At The Last Seven Drafts. - BTB

Speaking of drafts, be sure to check out VAFan’s recent article breaking down the Cowboys last seven drafts in an attempt to understand what they may get this year.

In these last seven years, the Cowboys have drafted two starters (2010), three starters (2011), two starters (2012), three starters (2013), three starters (2014), one starter (2015), and four starters (2016). 24 out of 54 draft picks are still on the Cowboys, and 37 were still in the NFL in 2016. They’ve collectively had 21 Pro Bowl seasons, and nine All Pro seasons.

The draft position most similar to this year was 2015, which was also the Cowboys’ worst draft in the last seven years (2012 is a close second), though it could pick up if Chaz Green can stay healthy and be a solid right offensive tackle, and Randy Gregory could ever stay clean and get back on the field.

On average, the Cowboys have drafted 2-1/2 starters per year.

It’s a good read in anticipation of the draft.

Tony Romo misses cut at Azalea Invitational - The DMN

Tony Romo is still a Cowboy. For how much longer? Who knows. But one thing that won’t change is his love for golf. After giving it up in the immediate aftermath of his back problems a few years ago, he’s back at it. The results, though, have suffered.

Tony Romo's run at the Azalea Invitational in Charleston, S.C., is over.

Romo, who followed his opening-round 78 on Thursday with consecutive rounds of 77, missed the cut. Romo finished at 19-over-par for three rounds and the cutoff was 8-over.

Romo said his opening round wasn't bad considering he had "only played three or four rounds this year," hadn't played tournament golf in almost four years and did not play a practice round on a course that has had some bunkers added since he last played here.

"I think you compartmentalize a lot of things in life. Everyone still has to get up and go to work, regardless of what's going on around you," Romo said when asked if golf provided an escape from the uncertainty of his professional career.

"Golf is great. I can still compete. Right now I stink, but I see signs of life. I'll be better tomorrow. I learned a few things about my game today."

The 10 Best Dallas Cowboys Players of All Time - The Cheat Sheet

Got a little time to waste? If you don’t mind slideshows, you can check in on a ranking of the 10 greatest Dallas Cowboys of all time. It’s a pretty good list, and even contains one current Cowboys player.

The Dallas Cowboys, nicknamed “America’s Team,” may be the most popular NFL franchise in the world. They have made 30 playoff appearances, won eight NFC titles and been Super Bowl champions five times. Founded in 1960, the Cowboys have had 11 players inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Before looking, can you guess who that Cowboys player is? I bet you can.

Finally, who can get tired of watching Dak celebrate the Mississippi State women’s basketball team upsetting U Conn?