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Source: Cowboys Notify NFL Teams They Can Contact Tony Romo To Discuss Trade

The latest news concerning Tony Romo sounds like the Cowboys are still trying to work a trade.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Romo is still a Dallas Cowboys player. How long that remains the case is anybody’s guess. The Cowboys have been trying to work a trade and may be ramping up those efforts. According to Mike Garafolo, sources have told him all the other NFL teams have permission to contact and workout Romo.

Garafolo’s original tweet stated the other teams could set up workouts and physicals with Romo, and a subsequent tweet said they could converse with Romo about his current contract. Discussing his current contract makes sense as a prelude to a possible trade. This takes Dallas out of the process for the initial discussions about a trade, allowing Romo’s representatives to start the process.

The fact that the Cowboys have opened this up to all the other teams in the NFL is interesting.

Are thy doing that unilaterally? Are they trying to tempt Romo into accepting a trade from teams that might not be contenders this year? Or has Romo had a change of heart since he was seeing no action from the preferred destinations of Denver or Houston? Or, is this just another move by Jerry Jones to try and drive a trade market with Denver and Houston by making them think Romo could go elsewhere?

Maybe, sometime soon, we’ll know an answer, and the Tony Romo saga will come to an end.

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