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Five Questions & Answers Regarding Taco Charlton With Michigan Blog Maize N Brew

Anthony Broome, managing editor of our sister SB Nation site Maize N Brew, was more than willing to answer a few questions about the Cowboys' first-round draft pick.

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One of the great things about draft season is that it gives writers from the SB Nation NFL sites an opportunity to reach out and touch base with our colleagues who cover college football. Not only do we get to learn more about guys like Taco Charlton, but we also make contacts that will help us be able to evaluate future prospects in the coming years. Such was the case when BTB reached out to Maize N Brew.

Managing editor Anthony Broome was quick to respond to my request, and he provided a prompt reply to my questions. A quick thank you is in order to him for coming through for Cowboys fans around the world. For those of you who follow the Michigan Wolverines, the Big Ten or college football in general, now would be a good time to check out Maize N Brew.

Now let's get down to finding out what the folks from the Big House think of Taco Charlton.

Question: To those of us who don't catch many Michigan or Big Ten games, Taco Charlton seemed to burst on the scene this year. Can you give us your perspective of how he developed prior to becoming a high-profile player during his senior year?
Broome: Charlton came to Michigan as a bit of a project and got a little bit better each year, but really seemed to put it all together in his senior year. The tools to be a successful end have always been there and he has been putting it together little by little. He is not a one-year wonder like some have suggested, but he has built on his skill set every season. Greg Mattison, his line defensive line coach now and coordinator under Brady Hoke, deserves a ton of credit.

Question: In your opinion, what was the reason that he was not a bigger part of the Wolverines defense before this season? Was it the talent in front of him, the need to develop as a player, or is he just a late bloomer?

Broome: Michigan struggled as a program prior to Jim Harbaugh's hiring, but the one thing they have had going for them is depth on the defensive line, which played a role in why he wasn't truly an impact player until this season. Make no mistake about it though, the flashes have been there his entire career.

Question: What do you feel is his ceiling? Is there a lot of untapped potential in Taco Charlton or has he reached his plateau as a player?

Broome: I feel the sky is the limit for Charlton, as cliche as that sounds. You always want safe picks in the NFL Draft, and he is pretty darn close to that. At the very least, I see him being a solid starter and a high character guy for the Cowboys defensive line, which is something that has been a concern for them in recent seasons since DeMarcus Ware left. If he puts it all together, this pick was a steal for the Cowboys

Question: What do you see as his greatest strength and what is the one area that he will have to develop the most in order to continue to make progress as a football player?

Broome: The biggest thing he has going for him is his combination of size and athleticism. You just don't see guys at 6-foot-6 that can move the way he does at almost 280 pounds. He is pretty quick off the snap, but he still could use some work with his hand usage and I think he needs to get a bit stronger.

Question: Our coaching staff in Dallas likes to look beyond just the physical talents of the athlete. Leadership is a big thing for Jason Garrett. Where did Charlton stand as a leader in the Michigan locker room?

Broome: Some NFL scouts have knocked him for inconsistencies, but I have never felt that it is lack of effort or an attitude issue that has held him back. Like I said in an above response, the Cowboys have dealt with some unreliable players who can't stay on the field, like DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory. You will not need to worry about that with Taco and you can expect him on the field every week.


There you have it, straight from the people who covered Charlton through out his college career. Again thanks to Anthony for his assistance in getting this piece together. Best of luck to the Wolverines in 2017 and perhaps when all is said and done we will be reaching out again to discuss another Michigan product who makes his way south to join the Dallas Cowboys.

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