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Five Questions & Answers Regarding Jourdan Lewis With Michigan Blog Maize N Brew

This is becoming a habit, BTB reaches out and before I have the questions done, Anthony Broome is telling us what to know about a former Wolverine turned Cowboy.

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When Dallas selected Taco Charlton as its first round draft pick we had little clue that he was bringing a posse with him. That is how it is starting to look. With Jourdan Lewis chosen by the team in the third round, we once again reached out to Maize N Brew for a little bit of 'get to know your guy'.

Once again Anthony Broome was kind enough to lend his input to Blogging The Boys.

1. Unlike Taco Charlton, who emerged during his senior year, Jourdan Lewis was a fixture at the top of the depth charts in Ann Arbor for a long time. What do you feel allowed him to make his mark early on in his career?

Broome: Lewis is a great athlete and a lot of times that is a big part of making it at the highest level. He has a great attitude and is a grounded kid, and I think that maturity helped him on and off the field.

2. The Cowboys traditionally like bigger corners, but Lewis checks in at 5'10" and around 175 pounds. Size is not everything but there needs to be something that allows him to compensate and dominate on the gridiron. Could you identify that factor for us?

Broome: Lewis is a smaller corner, but he plays bigger than he is. He went up against just about every type of receiver at Michigan and shut down the entire half of the field on his own. That will not be as easy in the league, but his instincts and athleticism may be the best of any corner in this class.

3. Takeaways have been a troublesome spot for Dallas defensive backs in recent seasons. We have been frustrated more often than not with the defense not being able cash in on opposing passers mistakes. How is Jourdan going to help the Cowboys generate more turnovers in the passing game?

Broome: We didn't see Lewis force a ton of turnovers at Michigan, but that is because teams flat-out stopped throwing his direction. When they did, he made them pay for it. Interceptions are not always indicative of talent at the position, but Lewis rarely gets burned and recovers nicely when he is beaten.

4. Like I did with Taco Charlton, I am going to ask about Lewis' leadership role on the team. Please tell me more about his role in the Wolverines locker room, and if you would, how that compares/contrasts with the domestic violence charge that is pending.

Broome: This is not to downplay his recent domestic violence incident, but Lewis never had any character concerns while at Michigan. He was a silent leader who led by example by doing his job. He is a straight shooter and is not afraid to tell it like it is, and that is an admirable trait and was always easy for the media to deal with.

5. Jourdan Lewis feels like he has first-round talent, and off-the-field issues and perhaps size aside, I tend to agree with him. Granted, most of my exposure has been watching his highlights, as someone who had the opportunity to observe him throughout his career where would you rank him as a draft pick and why?

Broome: Like I alluded to earlier, he was the best cover corner in college football, but as you know, the NFL is a different beast. I think the 3rd round was about right for him, given his lack of ideal measurables. Lewis should at the very least be a good nickel corner, but it would not be a surprise to see him make a bigger splash at the next level.

Looks like we might have gotten ourselves a good one in the third round. The people who cover Michigan football clearly feel that we did. Thank you once again, Mr. Broome; the Blogging The Boys family appreciates your assistance.

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