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Can Tony Romo Still Turn Up A Hero For The Dallas Cowboys?

Tony Romo is heading for the broadcast booth, but that doesn’t put the nail in the coffin on a possible return to big D.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Tony Romo saga is finally over...or is it?

It’s beginning to feel like a Friday the 13th movie where just when you think it’s all said and done, something else pops up and the story drags on. For many Cowboys fans, it has been nightmarish and for different reasons. There are some still in mad denial that Tony Romo will not be on the roster and are desperately hoping that he still has another day in the sun for the Cowboys. Then there are others that just want closure. Enough with the “this, that, or the other” already. Just be done with it so we can focus on a Dak Prescott led Cowboys team.

Regardless of where you stand in all this, the situation is what it is. And right now it looks like a great new job opportunity for Romo in the broadcasting booth. This is great news for Candice Romo and the Romo family who now will have more time to spend with their fun-loving husband/father. It’s great news for Tony’s health, who now will not have to worry about lingering back issues impacting his future. It’s great news for those selfish fans who had no desire to see Romo don another team’s uniform. It’s also great news for the Dallas Cowboys. If the team experiences a tough break similar to what the Oakland Raiders got last year with David Carr, then they’ll have an ace in the hole.

Could you imagine that? Dak gets hurt, Romo gets his number called, and the iconic quarterback gets a shot to write one final piece to his legacy, which could end up hoisting a Lombardi Trophy over his head. Now, that would be something.

And while Romo could be the Cowboys emergency quarterback, he could also come into play for another team that suddenly desperately needs his services. We all saw how valuable a player like Sam Bradford became to the Minnesota Vikings after Teddy Bridgewater injured himself in practice last August. The Cowboys would only benefit in a situation like that, though, if they still held his rights and worked a trade.

All this is speculative. For now, Romo is calling it quits. Early reports are that he could be joining CBS and replacing Phil Simms. This would pair him with his good pal, Jim Nantz.

Romo’s time with Dallas will never be forgotten. He is the franchise leader with 34,183 yards passing and 248 touchdowns. Here is a breakdown of all the players who have caught a touchdown pass from Tony:

Now read the last line covering your left eye.

Romo was 78-49 as a starter, but will be remembered by many for just two measly playoff wins. Some people will focus in on the lack of playoff success, but certainly you can’t pin that on Romo. He’s one of the most prolific passers the game has seen. The numbers don’t lie.

That’s good company.

Some people don’t truly appreciate what he has done, but many of us fans realize that he’s helped make the Cowboys relevant through the post-Aikman years where the team otherwise would have struggled immensely. And for that, we are forever grateful.

Enjoy your time off, Tony. Should our paths cross again, it could be a time for the ages.

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