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Report: Tony Romo To Join CBS In The Broadcast Booth

We now know where Tony Romo will be spending his 2017 football season.

Super Bowl XLVII Broadcasters Press Conference Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Tony Romo will be leaving the Dallas Cowboys to join CBS in the broadcast booth, per ESPN. A verbal deal has been reached but hasn’t been signed yet. Romo will not be working his way up the chain as most broadcasters do. Instead he will be paired with Jim Nantz on the number one broadcast crew at the station, replacing long-time commentator Phil Simms, according to multiple reports.

So why is CBS moving him straight to the top? It probably has to do with a few factors including the money they needed to pay Romo to retire, and to outbid FOX. It was reported that FOX wanted Romo for it’s number two team, replacing John Lynch. FOX didn’t want to offer up it’s number one spot, currently occupied by Troy Aikman.

TV executives think Tony Romo will be a natural fit for the broadcast booth. Not only does he know the game, but his personality is the right fit.

Retired Fox Sports executive producer Ed Goren, who helped usher Troy Aikman to stardom at the network, told SportsDay's Barry Horn he thought Romo would make a "wonderful" broadcasater.

"I'd make him my No. 1 draft choice," he said.

Sure a broadcaster has to know the game, when to speak and what to say. But the real skill is innate. And being distinctive doesn't hurt.

"You can't teach personality," Goren said. "You are who are."

After years of hearing Romo in interviews, he sounds like a natural and should enjoy great success in the booth.

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