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NFL Draft 2017 Profile: Cornerback Quincy Wilson (Cowboys Pre-Draft Visits)

A closer look at one of the Cowboys 30 pre-draft visits, cornerback Quincy Wilson.

NCAA Football: Missouri at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

For the next month, we’ll be looking at prospects in the upcoming 2017 NFL Draft from a decidedly Cowboys point of view. Taking the Cowboys current personnel, draft position, scheme, and needs into consideration; defensive line, linebacker, defensive backs, as well as complementary offensive pieces at tight end and right tackle, we hope to profile the majority of the potential prospects that could realistically end up as Cowboys within the first two rounds. Once the “official visits” start to leak we’ll add prospects that are possibilities in the later rounds.

Today’s Prospect - (Reported pre-draft visitor)

#6 - Quincy Wilson - Cornerback - Florida - 6-1, 211

College Stats:

Games Watched: Florida St., Alabama, Missouri, Massachusetts

Pros: Imposing size, bulk, and physicality with ideal length. Looks comfortable whether in press, off, man, or zone. Generally does a nice job of using his physicality to jam at the line then flipping his hips to run with the receiver downfield. Has a strong punch that jolts receivers. Doesn’t panic when the all is in the air, has a knack for tracking the ball, staying near the receiver, then making a play on the all once it arrives. Quick feet and good initial reaction off the line where he can mirror receivers and run routes for them, although the further downfield/more in space he gets the more he struggles. Is able to be physical in coverage without being overaggressive and drawing flags, does a nice job of toeing the line in that regard. Excellent ball skills, does really well to turn his head, locate the ball, and go for the interception. Shows awareness to come off primary receiver when he sees the ball in the air to make a play. Good instincts in zone, with necessary size and physicality to play press man.

Cons: Hips are a bit stiff with limited change of direction, loses his balance at times when transitioning/changing direction. Not a physical tackler in the run game at all, despite his size he lacks aggression, takes poor angles, and doesn’t wrap up. Doesn’t have ideal long speed, although he posted a decent time at the Combine with a 4.54 40. Backpedal is choppy and could use refinement. Doesn’t project to be able to play the slot at all, primarily played right outside corner.


Mirrors WR in Man Downfield for PBU
INT Return for TD vs. Missouri
Breaks on Ball in Zone for PBU vs. Missouri
Carries WR Across Field in Press
Downfield Zone Coverage vs. Alabama
PBU in Off vs. Florida St.

Conclusion: There seems to be a deep group of cornerbacks who aren’t quite ideal at 28, at least in my view, but who would be good picks following a trade down, and excellent value at 60. Wilson seems to be solidly in that group.

His impressive size, physicality in coverage, and ball skills are ideal for a press man/Cover-3 type of scheme, while he also has good enough feel in zone to allow you to mix up your coverages. With that said, his lack of fluidity downfield, deep speed, and struggles in the run game are concerns that are enough to make me look elsewhere for better value at 28. He will probably never be a “number one” corner, but he should have a long NFL career, even if he ends up moving to safety in the latter part of it once his athleticism starts to diminish.


I do not have access to coach’s film or anything of that nature, I just watch plenty of football (television broadcast version) and go off what I see out of a prospect.

Special thanks to DraftBreakdown for posting the videos that help provide a more in-depth look at this year’s prospects.

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