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People Don’t Realize Just How Great Cowboys’ Tony Romo Really Was

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He’s headed off to retirement, but Tony Romo’s impact in Dallas and on the NFL was enormous.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Tony Romo will make a great broadcaster. He’s got a great sense of humor and will soon show a lot of people just how well he understands the game. He’s a hard worker and is committed to being his best so the people over at CBS got themselves a good team member.

As exciting as it is for Romo to embark on a new chapter in his life, it’s hard not to feel bad that the previous chapters didn’t go as we would all have liked. If this is in fact the end of his playing career, many people will continue to run with a narrative that he’s just not one of the better quarterbacks in the league because of the lack of post-season success. Tabloid-trash “journalists” have been critical of him his entire career and now that it’s over, they feel validated. And it’s very disappointing to listen to such nonsense. Us fans have an insurmountable stack of statistics that paint a clear picture of how great he his - career QB rating or fourth-quarter comebacks to name a few. But none of that matter to some people. All that some people see is a quarterback that was never able to take the Cowboys deep into the playoffs. And for us fans who defended him, we can no longer cling to any hope that Romo will one day sit atop of the season as a champion.

Romo stuff aside, it’s a great time to be a Cowboys fan and there is now a sense of relief that we don’t have to walk on egg shells every time the quarterback gets taken to the ground. The future is very bright. But it is still hard to shake the disappointment and realize that we are going to have to listen to many more years of people attempting to discredit Romo’s ability. You’ll have those “see, I told you he wasn’t good enough to win a Super Bowl” or the “looks like we finally know the truth, Eli was the better quarterback” laughable comments. These types of ridiculous statements will grow in size as people weigh in on the finality of Romo’s career.

Here is a nice little comparison to a Hall of Fame quarterback who has one Super Bowl victory.

The only barrier between Romo and other great quarterbacks is a team accolade. Performance-wise, he’s every bit as good as the top quarterbacks that have played this game.

His greatness will always be understood by fans who had a front row seat to watch him work each week. And there is no better authority on the matter than a guy who has had the best seat in the house for the last decade...Jason Witten.

On Saturday, the future Hall of Fame tight end finally gave his thoughts about his esteemed teammate and cherished friend.

It brings a little tear to your eye, especially if you read Romo’s reply.

They may have made things a lot easier for each other, but they’ve also made it a lot easier for us fans to enjoy Cowboys football. These guys are two of the most well-respected players to ever step on the field for Dallas. Their talent made them great players. Their passion and kindness make them great people.

So, while Romo’s departure is something that we will gradually get accustomed to, it’s still a hard pill to swallow knowing that he will never get the credit he truly deserves. We were very fortunate to have such a great quarterback and I hope that Cowboys fans really understand just how much he meant to us.