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Four Thoughts To Ponder As The Cowboys Head Into Rookie Minicamp

Everybody from Tony Romo to Nolan Carroll makes our “four thoughts to ponder about the Cowboys” column.

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There has been a lot of stuff happening in Cowboys Nation over the past few weeks. The draft, Phase 2 workouts, the upcoming rookie minicamp. So heading into that minicamp this weekend, here are just a few thoughts to ponder.

What Will The Cowboys Do If Tony Romo Goes Down?

Gone are the days when the Cowboys season hinged on the health of that one person. With a fresh, young quarterback behind center, fans will no longer cringe when their QB takes a hit and is tossed to the ground. Sure, a fluke injury is always a possibility and the Cowboys backup quarterback situation is cause for concern with Kellen Moore currently slated as the number two QB. However, many of us believe that should something happen to Dak Prescott, there is that certain person again who is just a phone call away from getting back in costume. You better believe Jerry Jones will be putting up the bat signal for Tony Romo if Prescott gets hurt.

Three months ago we asked the BTB community if they would entertain the idea of trading Dak Prescott for Myles Garrett. Yesterday, on the Cowboys Break during the “Tay What” segment where they answered questions submitted to the adorable Taylor Stern - this question came up. And Brian Broaddus was leaning towards Garrett. While those are silly ideas to play with, it’s very important that Cowboys fans realize how great it is to have a young quarterback like Prescott.

It’s Tough To Warm Up To Nolan Carroll

When you don a Cowboys uniform and devote your blood, sweat, and tears for the organization, then automatically you fall in the good grace of most Cowboys fans, even if you formerly played for the Philadelphia Eagles. So when Nolan Carroll left the city of brotherly love to play for the Cowboys, fans should have embraced the team’s new corner, right? Well, it hasn’t gone down exactly like that. Carroll’s 2016 performance has many fans unimpressed. Being on the wrong end of a Dez Bryant highlight isn’t going to create much excitement when those coverage skills are brought over to big D.

But he’s a Cowboys player now and deserves a chance. In an attempt to learn more about him, read up on 10 things to know about Nolan Carroll by the Dallas Morning News. For example, his favorite movie is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Of all the great cinematic choices, that’s what he choose as his favorite? I guess it’s only fitting if that he’s impressed by green people reigning supreme over those that oppose them. That’s pretty much the same delusions of grandeur that most Eagles fans have. Only in fantasy can it be true.

Another thing learned was that he got into a little scuffle with Dwyane Harris a few years ago. Harris put a nice block on him and he took offense. Troy Aikman, who some Cowboys fans don’t care for when he throws any shade their way, wasn’t too happy with Harris on this play and felt he should have been ejected.

I strongly disagree with Aikman on this one and so does Jason Garrett who asked for clarification on this penalty later. Not only is it absurd to entertain the idea that Harris should’ve been ejected, but it shouldn’t have even warranted a penalty. That was a clean block.

Note: I still love Troy and think he’s a great commentator despite not always saying positive things for Dallas. That’s his job now and while us fans are bias and see things through those silver and blue colored glasses, Troy’s more objective than we give him credit for.

I Feel Bad For Alfred Morris

From one former NFC East player to another, the Cowboys will be hard-pressed to find a role for two-time Pro Bowl running back from the Washington Redskins. Alfred Morris rushed for 3,965 yards his first three seasons in the league, including a 1,613 rookie season. Morris received an average of $555,000 during his four-year rookie stint with Washington. And his second contract given to him by Dallas paid him $800,000 base salary for last season and a $1 M signing bonus. He can earn another $1.6 M in 2017 if the Cowboys keep him on the roster, but that’s not looking very promising.

The Cowboys have their own 1,600+ yard rookie who will handle a great majority of the running back workload. Darren McFadden is the lead dog for the backup role. Where does that leave Morris? The veteran running back isn’t a good receiving back, struggles with blocking assignments, and offers nothing in the form of special teams play.

Morris is such a high character person, but as we’ve all seen in recent years - being a great guy won’t keep your seat warm on the team. It’s a business and when you combine the money aspect with Morris’ role on the team, it’s likely he could be out of work soon. When you look at all the yards he’s piled out and the compensation he’s received, it just feels like he got a raw deal.

You Guys Are Gonna Love Ryan Switzer

Amidst all the great defensive toys from the draft, I find myself really excited to watch Cowboys new slot receiver Ryan Switzer in action. While to some, he’s just a guy competing with Lucky Whitehead for a roster spot, to others - he’s a guy who can do some real damage in this offense. He’ll take a backseat to the other starting WRs in the earlier part of the season, but look for his playing time to increase as the season progresses. He’s just as difficult to cover as Cole Beasley, but his yards after the catch will separate himself from the veteran slot receiver.

The foot work on this kid is amazing.

I bet he’s an excellent dancer.

Bold prediction: He’ll finish second on the team in targets for the month of December.

The Cowboys love to model success and the New England Patriots have demonstrated the value multiple slot receivers can add to an offense.

Speaking of the Patriots...

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