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Cowboys News: Competition For Roster Spots About To Kick Off

Rookie mini-camp is upon us and the competition for roster position will be in full swing at the Star.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Lucky Whitehead "All For Competition" With New Draft Pick Switzer - Jonathan Auping,

How many times have you heard the phrase ' Competition up and down the roster' since Jason Garrett took the helm in Dallas? More times than you can count, and with good reason. Competition at every slot serves to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

That is one reason why you see the Cowboys bringing in fresh talent even at positions of strength. Lucky Whitehead understands this.

"They’re always bringing in competition. I’ve never been a person to fade away from competition. I look forward to helping and learning. I’m all for competition and competing." - Lucky Whitehead

With rookie Ryan Switzer coming in Whitehead knows that he will have to prove his worth once again to retain his role on the team, and that is driving him to make himself a better player.

Awuzie Accomplishing Two Life Goals: Graduation, Then First Cowboys Practice - Rob Phillips,

Both are major milestones in a young man's life, and something to be proud of.

"It’ll put a smile on my parents’ faces. My family will be really happy for that moment. It’s for them, really, not for me. I’m going to come back ready to go for the second day of minicamp." Chidobe Awuzie

Yeah, I guess it is ok to miss a day's work for your college graduation.

Are takeaways finally on the way? Why Cowboys CB Jourdan Lewis may revamp Dallas' secondary - Brandon George & Jon Machota, Dallas Morning News

The two DMN Cowboys beat writers give us a good discussion of where the Cowboys third round draft pick will fit into Rod Marinelli's overall defensive scheme and also of the impact they expect despite his relative lack of size .

The NFL is changing. There are so many slot players ... I don't know if a Ryan Switzer even gets drafted five years ago. But that position they play, the slot receivers are becoming such a big part, receiving running backs are a bigger part so the slot corners as long as they can move and the speed's on the right level.

Cowboys will keep eyes on free agents but 'comfortable' with roster - Todd Archer, ESPN

There were some unhappy people as the 2017 edition of free agency unfolded. Let's face it, there was a lot more talent that left the Metroplex than what was brought to town. As Archer points out, this was by design, and it happened with an eye toward the future. The Dallas front office is not only thinking right now but also several years into the future. They are satisfied with what they have, but naturally would not look a gift horse in the mouth.

"As we sit here right now, I wouldn’t say there’s a veteran that we’re really looking at, unless it might be a quarterback, but that might not happen either. "We’re pretty comfortable with what we have." - Stephen Jones

The team is not looking to win a ring, the Cowboys are looking to do what the New England Patriots do on an ongoing basis. Instead of a mad dash to the top of the mountain they intend to reach the summit and enjoy the view for a while.

Cowboys explored trading up for Missouri DE Charles Harris - Charean Williams, Ft. Worth Star Telegram

The Cowboys entered the first round ready to stand pat and wait for one of the top defensive ends to fall to them. But the Cowboys did not try to hide how much they coveted Harris, believing he fit their defense and what coordinator Rod Marinelli wants to do.

That’s what promoted at least exploratory trade conversations. But as one source pointed out, the cost to move up in the first round is expensive, especially considering the Cowboys’ many defensive needs.

Read more here:

One of the most interesting things about the draft is what we learn after the fact. For those that pay attention to such things and who take notes, it can be a learning opportunity to see how the collective braintrust in the front office thinks, and it can guide us as we read the tea leaves in the future.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I would not be shocked at all to see a serious package of picks put together 12 months from now as the Cowboys seek a 'wardaddy'. This exploratory deal will serve as a rough estimate as to the cost.

Cowboys reach deals with eight of nine draft picks - Todd Archer, ESPN

The ink is drying on the paperwork as Dallas gets the bulk of its freshman class squared away. Only Jourdan Lewis remains unsigned. Is there a cause for concern? Not likely; some things just take a bit of time to get done.

League-wide, third-round picks are slower to sign because of guaranteed-money and split-salary issues that take longer to work out. Last year, the Cowboys signed all of their draft picks by the end of May but third-rounder Maliek Collins did not sign until July 14.

It is good to have the distractions out of the way and the players minds totally focused on football.

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