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Please Welcome A New Front-Page Writer To BTB!

The BTB roster is churned!

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

[Ed Note: Just like the Cowboys, we’re always churning the roster here at BTB. Today, we’re adding a young rookie to the team. Please help me welcome the new guy and give him some encouragement as we drop him into the mix at BTB. His name is Cole Patterson and his self-penned introduction is below. — Dave Halprin]

I want to say thank you to Dave and everybody involved with BTB and for adding me to the staff. I am honored, thrilled, and excited to write about America’s Team on the most elite Dallas Cowboys blog on the internet, also the one with the best fan base in all of sports.

My name is Cole Patterson. I am currently a college student that is pursuing a lifelong dream of becoming a sports journalist. I absolutely love everything about sports and, of course, the Dallas Cowboys. I was born in Houston, Texas, but moved around a lot due to my dad’s job at AT&T. I have lived in Houston, Atlanta, Birmingham, and Allen, Texas (which is only 15 minutes away from The Star). But, regardless of where I lived, the Cowboys were always on TV every single football Sunday.

My dad grew up in south Mississippi, but has always followed the Dallas Cowboys. America’s Team was always on the television set while he was growing up, so he naturally became a fan of the team wearing silver and blue. Whether it was watching Roger Staubach throw touchdowns, or seeing the Triplets become legends before his eyes, my dad’s fandom has been with the Cowboys since he can remember. Through his college days into his adulthood, his support has never wavered.

In addition to my dad, my mom grew up cheering for the Cowboys every Sunday. A native of Dallas, she remembers celebrating every monumental victory and every agonizing defeat. Her favorite Cowboy wore the number eight, Troy Aikman.

My parents passed their Dallas Cowboys fandom on to me and my two younger brothers. We gather around the man cave every weekend to watch the boys in blue battle it out. The days of Tony Romo getting back up and giving his all to the Cowboys franchise was one of the major things that sold me on being a Cowboys fan. Regardless of all the hits from pass rushers, or the intense media scrutiny that he dealt with every game, Romo got back up every time and was determined to leave everything he had on the field. DeMarcus Ware, Dez Bryant, and the future Hall of Famer Jason Witten have been some of my favorite players wearing the Star as I have grown up with the ‘Boys.

To add to my Dallas Cowboys fandom, I am also a huge fanatic of Mississippi State University — the school my dad grew up cheering for and graduated from. When I lived in Alabama between the age of nine and fifteen, my family and I regularly made the two-and-half hour car ride to Starkville, Mississippi, to watch the Bulldogs play every Saturday afternoon. No matter the outcome, I always enjoyed watching the team wearing maroon make plays every weekend.

My final year in Alabama before moving back to Texas was my freshman year in high school, 2012. That year, Mississippi State’s head coach Dan Mullen incorporated a two-quarterback system that featured starting quarterback Tyler Russell and redshirt freshman Dak Prescott. Wearing the number 15, Dak Prescott mainly came in on goal line and short-yardage situations for the Bulldogs during his first year of limited duty.

Little did I know that this number 15 would eventually become the greatest football player to ever play for the Bulldogs. Whether it was entering the game in the fourth quarter with a serious shoulder injury to lead the Bulldogs’ comeback against arch-rival Ole Miss in 2013, beating top-ten ranked LSU, Texas A&M, and Auburn in three consecutive weeks in 2014 to become the #1 team in the nation for the first time ever, or the extraordinary class he constantly displayed, Dak Prescott quickly became my favorite athlete.

I had absolutely no idea that he would don the Star. From the moment the 135th pick of the 2016 NFL Draft was announced to the first preseason game to the unbelievably exciting ride during the regular season, it has been an absolute joy to watch Dak make play after play for the Cowboys. While I understand much of the fan base will miss Tony Romo, Dak Prescott has both the talent and the character to make Cowboy fans proud for years to come.

That is a little bit about me. I am extremely excited to get to work for Blogging The Boys and I am dedicated to working hard for the staff and the best fan base in all of sports.

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