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Only One NFL Team Does Not Have A Single Former Cowboy On Its Roster

Every NFL team except one currently has one of 70 former Cowboys players on its roster.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Parcells was always fond of saying he was in the talent acquisition business, and in that regard he was no different than the staff members on any of the 32 NFL teams. The NFL is constantly looking for new talent to upgrade its teams, and while the draft and college free agents are the biggest source of new talent, another key source of talent are the rosters of the other NFL teams.

Free-agent signings, trade acquisitions, waiver claims, and players signed off another team's practice squad mean there's a lot of coming and going on an NFL roster, especially now that teams are allowed to carry up to 90 players on their offseason roster. Which means there are a lot of familiar names popping up on rosters across the rest of the league.

The Cowboys let 10 of their free agents walk this offseason, but they are not the only ex-Cowboys who have found homes on a different roster. In fact, at least 70 former Cowboys are currently under contract with another NFL team.

So which NFL teams currently have the most former Cowboys on their offseason roster? Here’s look through the other 31 offseason rosters to find the answer.


  • Miami Dolphins - Anthony Fasano, Matt Moore, Sam Young, Lawrence Okoye, Deon Lacey, Jake Brendel

When Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland, and Tony Sparano made their way to Miami in 2008 and brought a handful of Cowboys veterans with them, the term "South Beach Cowboys" was coined, and it looks like Miami remains a favorite destination for former Cowboys.


Mike Zimmer has been the head coach in Minnesota for a while, now, but beyond that, there's not much of a connection between the Cowboys and the two teams above. But Joe Berger and Andrew Sendejo are two interesting cases of players who didn't quite work out in Dallas, but went on to success elsewhere.

Berger was in Dallas from late in 2006 through 2008, but only played in four games over that span. Since then he's played in 122 games for the Dolphins and Vikings starting 68.

Sendejo was signed by the Cowboys late in 2010 as an undrafted free agent (after he had initially signed with the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the UFL), but was waived at the start of the 2011 season. He has since started in three seasons for the Vikings, racking up 40 starts in 75 games.


Ryan Davis, Ron Leary, Barry Church, Gavin Escobar, J.J. Wilcox, and Terrell McClain all left Dallas as free agents this year, and are part of the reason why the Cowboys will have four comp picks next year.

DeMarco Murray was part of the 2015 free agent class that also gave the Cowboys four comp picks, one of which netted them Dak Prescott. Hopefully the four 2018 comp picks will prove similarly successful.


Nine players out of the 30 in this two-man group – Crawford, Z. Moore, Sanchez, Jackson, Dunbar, McCain, Claiborne, Jenkins, Smith - were on the Cowboys roster at some time in 2016.


The standout player in this group is Harris, who translated his move to the Giants into a Pro Bowl berth as a returner.


The Eagles are currently the only team without a single former Cowboys player on their roster. Perhaps that will change over the coming weeks and months, perhaps not.

But if the 31 other NFL teams maintain at least one current or former Cowboy on their rosters, Cowboys fans can lean back secure in the knowledge the next Super Bowl winner will feature at least one former Cowboys player, and perhaps a whole bunch of current Cowboys players.

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