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Ranking The NFC East Quarterbacks: Dak Prescott Edges Out Eli Manning

Eli Manning is the most accomplished but Dak Prescott has the brightest future ahead.

NFL: NFC Divisional-Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We begin a ten part series comparing and ranking each NFC East team by position. We will cover quarterback, running back, wide receivers, tight end, offensive line, defensive line, linebackers and secondary. Once the players are completed, we will have front office and coaching rankings. At the conclusion, a scoring system will be devised to predict NFC East rankings.

Dallas Cowboys: Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott burst onto the scene for the Cowboys last season and solidified himself as one of the best rookie quarterbacks of all time. His completion percentage, accuracy and leadership were tremendous as he lead the Cowboys to a 13-3 record and a first-round bye in the playoffs. As a result, Dallas went all in by letting Tony Romo go and drafting additional weapons to ensure a Dak-friendly setup. Going into the 2017 season, Dak Prescott will be complemented by a tremendous supporting cast. With all the cards in his favor, the pressure is plentiful as opposing teams have last year’s film to dissect. While Eli Manning is the most accomplished quarterback in the division, Dak Prescott is the best at this time. His youth, agility, accuracy and potential make him the best quarterback in the division.

New York Giants: Eli Manning

Eli Manning enters his 14th year as the starting quarterback for the New York Giants. During this time, he is a two-time Super Bowl champion and Super Bowl MVP and a four-time Pro Bowler. He owns the majority of passing records in Giants history and is easily one of the best quarterbacks of the last 15 years. His Achilles heel over the years has been inconsistency and turnovers. As he enters the 2017 season, he is flanked by the best receiving corps in the NFL and so there will be plenty of passing. Eli Manning is the second best quarterback in the division and it will be his arm that keeps the Giants’ championship window open.

Washington Redskins: Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins entered the 2016 season on the franchise tag and played tremendously most of the season. He chanted “How you like me now” all season but the Redskin’s front office ineptness undermined him this off-season. Cousins lost his primary receivers, Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, and the front office watched Cousins ask for a trade. All this being said, Cousins returns this season with a solid set of weapons including newly signed Terrelle Pryor and oft-injured Jordan Reed. Standing alone, Cousins can be a solid quarterback for the Redskins but he will be again plagued with revolving pieces along the coaching staff and team.

Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz

The Philadelphia Eagles went all in with Carson Wentz last year and they should be appreciative of his efforts last season. While all the rookie momentum in the NFL last year was usurped by Dak Prescott, Wentz went on to have a decent year as he had 16 touchdowns, 14 interceptions while starting all 16 games. The verdict is still unsettled for Wentz but he enters this season with a strong supporting cast with newly signed Alshon Jeffery. In quarterback-centric division, Carson Wentz ranks the least best quarterback.


While Eli Manning has owned the division for a number of years, it appears that Dak Prescott has officially taken over as the best quarterback in the division. Kirk Cousins and Carson Wentz will be the third- and fourth-best quarterbacks for the forseeable future in the NFC East.

Dallas Cowboys: 4 points

New York Giants: 3 points

Washington Redskins: 2 points

Philadelphia Eagles: 1 point

The team with the least number of points at the end of the ten part series will be deemed the team to beat this season.

[EDIT] To avoid confusion, we are reversing the the scoring process, meaning four points is now the top and one point is the lowest.

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