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Jay Cutler Believes Tony Romo Going Back To Dallas Is More Realistic Than Other Options

Clark Kent emerged from a booth as Superman, will CBS analyst Tony Romo emerge from one as a Dallas Cowboys QB?

Dallas Cowboys v Chicago Bears Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

“Sorry Jim, my team needs me.” - Tony Romo in what would be the greatest movie ever.

Since Tony Romo turned in his Star-emblazoned helmet for a CBS blazer many have professed that he would return to America’s Team at a moment’s notice if he was truly needed. What would that “need” be necessarily? An opening at the starting quarterback spot, obviously.

Hypotheticals are fun as long as they’re positive, but this one involves Dak Prescott being unable to perform his duties as QB1 for whatever reason. Should that indeed be the case, it is definitely interesting to ponder how much Tony Romo would feel the need to scratch that itch.

On the latest episode of Adam Schefter’s Know Them From Adam Podcast, former Chicago Bears QB and now FOX Analyst Jay Cutler served as the first guest (Denver Broncos QB Trevor Siemian was guest numero dos if you care). After asking Adam Schefter if there was actually retirement paperwork to be filled out by retirees - he seriously asked - Jay had some interesting comments that included Romo (around the 8:00 mark):

Schefter: So like if the Oakland Raiders lose Derek Carr to a finger injury in December, they’re about to go to the Playoffs, and they’ve got no other options, and they call you to come play for them… you’re not playing?

Cutler: If it’s December I’m probably not ready to play football anyway. I just don’t think quarterback position is one of those positions that you can just jump in and play. There’s some other skill positions - linemen - that, you know some of the verbiage, and all the little details of routes and DBs… like you can do that. To say “Hey we’re gonna sign you on Monday, we need you to play on Sunday” as a quarterback… that’s so challenging. I think Tony’s situation with possibly leaving the door open in Dallas, if that’s what he’s doing, is a little bit more realistic because he knows the system, he knows the guys, he knows the expectations, he’s comfortable in the building."

It’s hard to believe that anybody would turn down the opportunity to lead the Oakland Raiders into the Playoffs, especially just to spare us all another Connor Cook fiasco, but I digress. Jay Cutler actually said something mildly interesting!

It does of course make sense that of all the potential quarterback and team permutations that can be concocted... Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys are the most likely to have success. Kudos to Jay for not only being interesting, but for being accurate!

This potential Romo-Cowboys part deux is so obvious not just to fans and spectators, but to Romo’s peer in Jay Cutler. Smokin’ Jay has never been one to appear as if he really cared (I personally don’t mind Cutler as much as most, after all he was on an episode of The League!), but even he can tell how much Tony’s heart bleeds blue and silver.

Cutler did note prior to this part of the conversation that part of the reason he took the job at FOX was because those types of positions don’t come around very often. The same is very likely true for Tony Romo, who took a gig of higher prestige than even Jay did. While Romo and CBS reportedly have it worked out if he did return to the field, it’s hard to imagine Romo giving up something so lucrative.

It’s a weird world when things Jay Cutler says about the Dallas Cowboys, or anything really, make sense. But to be fair he had literally just asked if he actually had to file retirement papers so I think it balances out.

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