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The Cowboys Could Be Wearing Their Navy Blue Jerseys At Home More

Jason Garrett has remodeled the team, but will it come with a wardrobe change at AT&T Stadium?

Tony Dorsett runs the ball Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Let’s just get this out of the way first - there is no blue jersey curse.

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the few teams that wear their white jerseys at home. And since most other teams choose to wear their dark jerseys when they are at home, that leaves the Cowboys wearing the white ones almost all the time. What a rip off!

Don’t get me wrong, the white jersey with the metallic silver-green pants are iconic. I’m perfectly okay with the team having green pants despite their colors being silver and navy blue. The green color was chosen because it helped bring out the blue in the uniform. Sorta like when my wife wears certain colors of clothes to help bring out the color of her eyes...whatever color they are.

The white jerseys are great, but us fans see them all the time. What is wrong with a little variety. According to Cowboys equipment director, Mike McCord, that variety might be on the way as we could be seeing more of the blue jerseys in the future.

"We'll incorporate navy a little bit more," McCord told FOX Sports. "You've already seen the last couple of years where we started wearing navy at home on Thanksgiving, and that's all kind of in relation to the Color Rush uniform. We've had some success wearing that uniform at home, so I think we'll see a little more of it."

This is great news for a fan like me. If I could have one executive order regarding rule changes, I would make it so that all home teams had to wear their whites while the road team wore dark. This would give all fans an equal amount of mixture from week to week. That is exactly what Tex Schramm had in mind when he had the Cowboys wear their whites at home, despite the popular belief that it was a result of a “curse.”

The tradition of the Cowboys wearing their white jerseys at home started in 1964 when GM Texas Schramm thought it would be good for fans to see the opponents’ colors, instead of just blue and white every week. Also, since the Cowboys’ home used to be the outdoor Cotton Bowl, team officials thought it would be an advantage to force away teams to wear typically dark home colors in the hot Texas sun in the early season.

It doesn’t help if some teams do it one way and others do it another way. That leaves Cowboys fans seeing the whites week in and week out.

What baffles me is the ever-so-great marketing genius Jerry Jones has remained so consistent in remaining with the white jerseys at home. A big hat tip to him for keeping with such a strong tradition, but it’s still nice to see something different from time to time like the other fans in the league get to see. Fans love the blues and they are the more popular choice when buying a jersey of their new favorite player. Just go look in your closet right now and there’s a good chance that claim is supported.

The Cowboys' navy blue road uniforms are much more popular in the retail market and many of the players prefer those uniforms as well, according to McCord. That will lead to a noticeable change this season.

Hey, the fans love them and the players love them - what more needs to be said? Come on Jerry, show some more love for those navy blues. Give us fans something different to look at each week.

How about you? Would you like the see the Cowboys wear the navy blue jerseys more throughout the year?

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