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Highlights Of The Dallas Cowboys Mandatory Minicamp Practice (Day 2)

Here are all the highlights from today’s practice in one spot for your reading pleasure.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Minicamp Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Today, the Dallas Cowboys had their second practice of this three-day mandatory minicamp. This is pretty much the same as OTA’s because the Cowboys’ have had a big turnout to practice all offseason long.

First up, the list of who did and who didn’t participate (same as usual):

One guy that’s been dealing with sitting out is Cole Beasley, he cleared some things up about his hamstrings:

Speaking of hamstrings, here’s an action shot of Miles Austin tossing a few to the G.O.A.T. Jason Witten:

For the second practice, everyone’s favorite combination of offensive linemen was in play:

Ezekiel Elliott is very smart for being so young, he realizes that opportunity doesn’t knock twice:

Elliott also has a sense that he’s got to stay out of the limelight at times and not become a distraction:

Helman was asked which rookies are standing out to him and his answer wasn’t surprising:

The Cowboys players received an interesting gift in their lockers today, of course, they made it count:

For all you fans, Noah Brown had a standout play today in practice:

Despite the rumors throughout the draft process, Jerry Jones was caught doing what he does best, schmooze it up with his players:

Orlando Scandrick is grumpy but he’s certainly a loyal player to the Dallas Cowboys and the fans:

Drew Pearson was in the house for practice today and he had some words for Gold Jacket Witt:

Another visitor was there and that was longtime Director of Scouting, Larry Lacewell:

If you’re fascinated with offensive line play, like Landon McCool, here’s a video of offensive line coach Frank Pollack teaching young Cowboys the “Cowboy Way”:

But it’s not near as good without our very own O.C.C.’s hilarious response:

Let’s rattle off a few more action shots of Dak Prescott:

Perhaps the most baller move of today was from the Original Gangster, Jerry Jones. Some folks don’t need a grand entrance but “Jerrah” doesn’t do “soft landings”.

Jerry Jones wanted to see his football team practice, so he flew in his helicopter and landed it between the practice fields! He probably had the pilot hold his glass of blue label like a true HOF’er would. “Hold this yak, son. Don’t spill it!”

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