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Jason Witten Leads The Tight Ends In the NFC East Rankings

Future Hall of Famer Jason Witten provides a role model for the younger tight ends in the division.

NFL: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The tight ends in the NFC East are led by Jason Witten and a handful of potentials down the road. Jordan Reed is the new prototypical pass-catching tight end but his concussion history has haunted him during his career.

Dallas Cowboys: Jason Witten

The great Jason Witten enters his fifteenth season for the Dallas Cowboys. During this time, he has racked up 10 Pro Bowls and 2 First-Team All Pros and will find himself in Canton at the conclusion of his career. He provides Dallas with leadership, red zone pass-catching, a tremendous blocker and a big body down the field. He has already assumed the ‘safety blanket’ role for Dak as he was for Tony for a number of years. His consistency is remarkable and Dallas will continue to benefit from it this year. His play gives Dallas the best tight end in the division.

Washington Redskins: Jordan Reed

Jordan Reed has the potential to be one of the best tight ends of his generation if he manages to stay healthy. In his short career, he has already become the fastest tight end in NFL history to record 200 receptions and he translated all of his on the field success into a $50 million dollar contract last off-season. He provides Kirk Cousins with a tremendous down the field threat, but also as a reliable first down target throughout the game. Upon Witten’s retirement, Jordan Reed will become the top tight end in the division. Till then, he remains the second best tight end in the NFC East.

New York Giants: Evan Engram

With the obvious strengths that their division foes boast with their tight ends, the Giants drafted Evan Engram in the first round last month. During his time at Mississippi, he was a First Team All-American once and a two time First Team All-SEC. He enters a Giants team with plenty of firepower at receiver but a lackluster tight end group for a number of years. While there is tremendous potential with his height (6 ft, 3 in) and speed (4.42 sec, 40 yard dash), he will face a lot of pressure to quickly get up to speed and add to Eli Manning’s arsenal. Despite his lack of professional playing time, he ranks as the third best tight end in the division.

Philadelphia Eagles: Zach Ertz and Brent Celek

The Eagles have showcased a combination of Zach Ertz and Brent Celek for a few seasons now but their play has been somewhat inadequate. Celek has been with the Eagles since 2007 and has racked up 30 touchdowns and a 12.7 yard per catch average. Zach Ertz came to the Eagles in 2013 and has racked up 13 touchdowns and a 11.5 yard per catch average. The Eagles had plenty of faith in Ertz as they signed him to a $42 million dollar extension last year. This combination of fairly average tight ends ranks in as the least talented tight end group in the division.


Dallas Cowboys: 4 point

Washington Redskins: 3 points

New York Giants: 2 points

Philadelphia Eagles: 1 points


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