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Dak Prescott says it never got uncomfortable between him and Tony Romo

2016 will be remembered as the year Cowboys fans debated Dak and Romo, but Prescott himself says things went smoothly.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard to completely put in perspective what Dak Prescott did during his rookie season with the Dallas Cowboys.

This is true simply when it comes to what Dak did on the field, but today we’re talking about his actions off of it. Young Prescott captivated the Dallas Cowboys locker room, but moreover he also captivated the man who’s job he took - Tony Romo.

Dak served as one of the guests on Wednesday’s episode of the Rich Eisen Show, and NFL Network’s main man asked him about his relationship with the Dallas Cowboys all-time leader in passing in 2016:

Rich Eisen: So did it ever get uncomfortable, Dak?

Dak Prescott: It truly never did. Just in the fact, and that’s why I say I commend him, is... I don’t know how he felt personally. Obviously I know as much of a competitor as he is that he wanted to play. That as much success as he had in this league, he probably felt that he should play. But it never did as I said. He always was so helpful to me, I felt it was genuine, and I commend him for that.

Tony Romo praised Dak Prescott all throughout the season, most notably during his infamous “football is a meritocracy” speech. It’s completely understandable to assume that there would have been awkwardness between the two quarterbacks, which makes Eisen’s question warranted. If you were Tony Romo, wouldn’t you have a bit of disdain for Dak? Or at least for what Dak represents? Meaning that he represents someone that isn’t you playing quarterback.

We haven’t heard a whole lot about Dak and Romo’s relationship, but we’ve heard a ton about Prescott being close to Mark Sanchez who seemingly served as more of a mentor to Dak than anyone.

There will be no Tony Romo nor Mark Sanchez to mentor the sophomore version of Dak Prescott in Dallas, but it’s good to see and hear that Dak gleaned so much from the two. It’s especially nice to hear that Romo and Prescott are on good terms, and that there was never any bad blood between the two as many speculated.

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