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Cowboys OTA Highlights: Jaylon Smith “Hasn’t Had A Bad Minute, Let Alone Bad Day”

The Cowboys wrapped up their last OTA practice open to the reporters today.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-OTA Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The anticipation for Jaylon Smith’s potential debut has been skyrocketing since the guy was drafted. The Cowboys have been cautiously optimistic and have done an excellent job at keeping the lid on this one. Then, of course, another workout video has appeared (with the AFO brace) and we’re back in fever-pitch mode:

That was quickly met with some skepticism but we need to realize that to this point, we haven’t seen anything but position drills:

Jaylon Smith is the single biggest story of the offseason outside of the departure of Tony Romo and the fact that nobody has seen anything makes it even stronger. Jason Garrett did have some positive things to say, as always:

As much as we know, this was the first time any media members had seen Smith do any work:

No matter what the opinions are, Jaylon Smith is the topic of discussion. There is a big “if” that is attached to his name but it’s hard to bet against a guy like him:

In other linebacker news, Daryl Washington is still campaigning to become a Dallas Cowboy:

Our man, RJ Ochoa, hits the nail on the head with this one:

The Broad One did offer up some encouraging words on a UDFA linebacker that’s trying to make the roster:

And as long as we’re talking about some linebackers, here’s another one who’s trying to make his way to becoming active:

Here’s the list of who sat out today:

Would you like to see some action shots? Of course, how about one we can never see too much of:

Speaking of Ezekiel Elliott, he spoke to the media today and is nowhere near what he wants to be:

How about a good action shot of a young wide receiver trying to make the roster? Well, here’s Noah Brown:

A while back, there were rumors of a rift between the former face of the franchise, Tony Romo, and head coach Jason Garrett. Well look who got invited to the old party:

Damontre Moore is certainly on his way to demonstrating some value as he’s been eager to do anything that it asked:

The Cowboys have some reshuffling to do on the offensive line and the hope is that Johnathan Cooper is a part of that plan:

A couple of interesting standout impressions for today’s practice:

If you would like to hear the final press conference for the OTA period, here’s Jason Garrett.

Also, we got mothership writer, Dave Helman, to answer some questions. Enjoy the videos why they last, the dead zone is just around the corner:

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