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Ranking The Front Offices In The NFC East: Winning Is The Only Thing That Matters

Which front office has done the best with talent acquisition?

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We wrap up the ten part NFC East breakdown series by evaluating the front office. At this point, the point totals are close and it remains unclear what the final predictions will be. When evaluating the quality of a front office, we must take into account tangible success with meaningful victories, strategies for player acquisition and development and whether the leadership on top as the moxie to win. Let’s take a look at the division rankings.

New York Giants: John Mara, Steve Tisch, Jerry Reese

The New York Giants have the best front office because they have the most post-season success and have had tremendous success recently with free agency acquisition and draft picks. It was this group who recognized that their team was no longer responding to Tom Coughlin and it was their decision to move on from the long-time Super Bowl winning coach. Moving forward, their job is simple - keep the championship window open as long as possible while Eli Manning is their quarterback. At this point, they rank as the top front office in the division because of their recent Super Bowl victories and recent acquisition of talent.

Dallas Cowboys: Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones

The Dallas Cowboys have a tremendous group of leaders atop the organization, many of whom have been with the organization since Jerry took over. While this consistency at the top has been beneficial, it was their recent decision making that is particularly impressive. Their years as a dynasty had been so long ago that Jerry and Company decided to shake things up with their approach to player acquisition and coaching. The front office shifted their mindset and made the trenches their priority. As a result, they focused on signing top-notch offensive lineman with the goal to have the best unit up front. Additionally, their willingness to sign aging, expensive free agents, or dole out new contracts to improving players has lessened over the years. The ultimate measuring stick for this group will be their ability to bring a Super Bowl back to Dallas. For now, they check in as the second strongest front office in the division.

Philadelphia Eagles: Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman

The Philadelphia Eagles have been yearning for a positive season since the days Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens took them to the Super Bowl. Andy Reid was the longtime head coach in Philly and his departure was significant as the Eagles suddenly found themselves without a true identity or leader. The front office played to their strengths and saw how important a quarterback is to winning in this league. As a result, they made a monumental trade to acquire a top pick and subsequently chose Carson Wentz. The verdict remains out on his long-term success, but it came at a significant price as Philly lost multiple high draft picks. The front office has drafted well lately with some strong pieces on offense and they will continue to add talent to help Wentz succeed. The Eagles front office comes in third in the division ranking.

Washington Redskins: Daniel Synder, Bruce Allen

The Washington Redskins have one of the most incompetent front offices in the National Football League. They have fired coaches and general managers and have shown a lack of consistency with player acquisition. While the team is built somewhat well and may succeed, the front office has been responsible for one gaffe after the next, particularly the way they fired popular general manager Scot McCloughlan and the handling of the supposed Kirk Cousins trade demands. This offseason was particularly telling as they let Cousins' closest friends and most talented receivers go, while also not giving Cousins a long-term contract. The Redskins dysfunction begins at Dan Snyder and as a result, they rank as the least-talented front office in the division.


New York Giants: 4 points

Dallas Cowboys: 3 points

Philadelphia Eagles: 2 points

Washington Redskins: 1 point

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