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DeAngelo Williams says he’ll never play for Cowboys, calls Cowboys fans “super annoying”

DeAngelo Williams apparently has a deep hatred for the Dallas Cowboys. He makes complaining about them openly an annual thing.

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This offseason has both gone by quickly and taken forever. One thing that’s happened and you might have somehow missed was ESPN’s Adam Schefter getting his own podcast.

Schefter has interviewed many interesting folks over the podcast’s young life, and recently he had on free agent running back DeAngelo Williams. The first of what ended up being a two-part episode featured DeAngelo talking about the offseason, free agency, blah blah blah. The interesting cliffhanger was DeAngelo saying that there were four NFL teams which he’d never play for.

Adam Schefter isn’t going to let a statement like that go unanswered, but the two agreed to have fans vote on Twitter and Williams would return to either confirm, deny, or just outright answer. That return has happened and DeAngelo has some interesting things to say.

Williams says that he would never play for the Cleveland Browns, Carolina Panthers, or Jacksonville Jaguars. He cites poor play and history of winning in the cases of Cleveland and Jacksonville, while also airing that he still resents Carolina for the way that his release went down. The fourth team? You guessed it. The Dallas Cowboys.

DeAngelo: Nobody would have ever guessed this team. Contrary to popular belief it’s not the Patriots, it’s not the Cincinnati Bengals, and it’s not the Baltimore Ravens.

Schefter: (chuckling) ...which were the favorites (per the fan votes).

DeAngelo: So I’ll give you a backstory on why this team. Some will say that I’m a true fan and “I totally get it” and some will be like “You’re stupid, you’re crazy,” and then the fan base of this team is going to be absolutely livid. But, who cares? That’s what, that’s why we’re fans. That’s where the fandom comes from. So I grew up and was raised as a 49ers fan. So this fourth team, you should be able to guess it.

Schefter: If you’re a... the Dallas Cowboys?

DeAngelo: Absolutely right. My fandom for the team I was raised as will not allow me to go to the Cowboys. I’m an 80s baby, I was born in 1983, and the 49ers ruled the 80s. The Cowboys somewhat did something in the 90s. I even refuse to give em that... as a Niners fan. Now I’m always loyal to the team that signs my checks.

Schefter would go on to probe DeAngelo about why the Patriots were not one of the teams, because Williams has openly “bashed” the Pats at times. To his credit, DeAngelo said that you cannot deny New England’s success in the win column and what they’ve been able to do as far as that is concerned. You’d think that would be the end of it, but Williams had to get one last shot in at America’s Team.

DeAngelo: I’m in the business of winning so therefore outside of the Dallas Cowboys... you know the Cowboys, they win, they just don’t ever show up during the playoffs, though. Like they always disappear in the playoffs. I got a great depiction of the Cowboys fan base during the regular season last year, they were on cloud nine. You couldn’t tell them anything - anything - because they were gonna win this year. That’s all they said, fans just got extremely, super annoying. And then the minute they lose they either got cheated, somebody was hurt, the excuses start flowing. It’s just amazing to me, just that fan base just in general, they can’t handle defeat. Still to this day they say the Dez Bryant catch against the Green Bay Packers was a catch.

Schefter: Why do you think it’s gone the other way for them in the postseason? And they’ve been unable to come through when it’s mattered most?

DeAngelo: Well... you know I’ve yet to figure that out. I honestly can’t tell you. I can’t give you an answer on that because they play great in the regular season. And honestly I could probably guess, and this is just my football.... educational guess in terms of why they don’t do well in the postseason. There’s no pressure on you to win regular season games other than you don’t know how many games it’s gonna take you to get into the postseason. Well you do know once you’re in the postseason that one loss will put you out. And I think that that pressure is just the right amount of pressure to bust their pipes.

It should be noted that it was about this time a year ago when DeAngelo Williams opened his mouth about the Cowboys in a negative manner, so we might have a new July tradition on our hands.

So BTB community, what do you think about Williams’ comments and attitude towards the Cowboys and the fans?

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