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Source: Ezekiel Elliott could be facing a one- or two-game suspension over domestic violence allegations

The conclusion to Ezekiel Elliott’s case is coming soon.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Minicamp Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

According to ESPN, the NFL has sent Ezekiel Elliott and his representatives a summary of the their findings related to the domestic violence issue involving him, and will give him a chance to respond. Adam Schefter has reported that Elliott’s group will likely respond by next week.

Beyond just the news that the league has sent their findings to Elliott, other sources are indicating that the league is likely to suspend Elliott for a short period.

Multiple sources close to the situation told Schefter that Elliott could face a one- or two-game suspension, but the league has denied that any decision on discipline has been made, and could not be made until its investigation is complete.

"The NFL is looking to pin something on him," one source familiar with the investigation said.

“Looking to pin something on him” is a strange way to phrase something if the source was from the NFL, so you can pretty much guess that source is from the Cowboys/Elliott camp. Schefter seems to confirm that:

“Ezekiel Elliott at this point in time is bracing for a short suspension,” Schefter said. “Maybe one game, maybe two games, but as one person told me, in quotes, ‘It looks like the NFL is trying to pin something on him.'”

They may be preparing themselves for that eventuality and want to set up public opinion and work on an appeal. It should be noted that the league, as referenced above, claims no decision has been made on discipline and that it can’t be made until they receive a response from Elliott’s camp.

If Elliott has to miss the first two games, he would miss the opener against the Giants, and the next game versus the Broncos.

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