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Lucky Whitehead’s dog was kidnapped, held for ransom, and then thankfully brought home

It’s rare that a Dallas Cowboys story completely takes us by surprise, but Lucky Whitehead’s dog being kidnapped was one for the ages.

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Considering that the Dallas Cowboys are gearing up for training camp, most of the conversation up to this point concerning wide receiver Lucky Whitehead was about his potential status on the team.

All of that changed late on Sunday night, as one of the most memorable tales of Dallas Cowboys “this team man...” insanity was etched into history. It all began when Lucky himself put out word that his dog Blitz, who he’s shared a lot of life with on social media, had been kidnapped.

Now at first glance people had a lot of questions:

  • How was the dog stolen?
  • How did they get Lucky’s phone number?
  • Why not just trace the phone number to catch this person?

Whatever the case, this was a very serious and tragic thing happening to Lucky. Fans and media from all over rallied to his cause, looking to find Blitz and bring him home. A crime was committed and it was important to bring justice to the issue, and to bring Blitz home to Lucky.

After a tumultuous Monday in Cowboys Nation concerning mostly Ezekiel Elliott, things took a turn down Crazy St. in a way few have ever seen with this story.

(Warning: offensive language)

This really happened. What appeared to be a ransom video showed up on Twitter. That is a real sentence in the year 2017. These are incredibly wild times, I tell ya.

Obviously social media was sent into a tailspin as people began alerting Lucky and the appropriate authorities. People were openly questioning how someone could seemingly be so dumb as to post a ransom video on Twitter in the year 2017, because that seems like a really dumb thing to do.

It was at this point that Mr. Kasino (the listed last name of the alleged perpetrator) poured lighter fluid and then dropped a kerosene tank on what was already a bonfire of confusion. Boogotti, a local Dallas rapper, offered both a tweet and Instagram post looking to explain himself.

(Warning: offensive language)

This is when the average Dallas Cowboys fan tossed the proverbial papers up in the air. It’s hard to imagine a taller tale than the one that had just unfolded over our very eyes in the wide world of social media. If I’d been unconscious for this stretch of time and you tried to convince me that this happened, there’s no way I’d believe you. It was that wild.

Thankfully, after many a tweet and “are you kidding me?!” shriek, Blitz was reunited with Lucky late Monday night/early Tuesday morning.

While it feels like this story is one for the ages, many have said it’s one for the 90s. This does sort of have the “wow this team is unlike any other” vibe that the famous (and infamous) 1990s Dallas Cowboys dynasty did as well.

Have you ever seen anything like this?!

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