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Report: Jaylon Smith is experiencing nerve regeneration, full return possible in 6-9 months

The Cowboys have had to be patient with Jaylon Smith, and it could finally be about to pay off.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Minicamp Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a long time since the Dallas Cowboys drafted Jaylon Smith (447 days but who’s counting). We’ve been patient, we’ve been smart, are we now about to be rewarded?

Nerve regeneration is some risky business, which made spending a second-round pick on Jaylon a spicy sort of play from the very beginning. The Cowboys have made it well-known that they believe in Jaylon’s ability to heal, and they might be starting to look like geniuses.

Six months from today would be January of 2018, when the Cowboys are looking to be making their final run towards Super Bowl LII. Looking at that date, just how much are the Cowboys considering resting Jaylon in order to achieve 100% recovery? Jason Garrett said he will practice every other day in Oxnard, and in addition said:

“He’s done well, really had a great spring and handled the work on the field really well,” Garrett said. “He’s been outstanding in his rehab, and that’s one of the reasons we took the chance on him that we did. I think we had a really good feel for the kind of person that he is based on our experiences with the people at Notre Dame and what they said about him and then just our experiences throughout the evaluation process.

“Trust me, he hasn’t had bad days. He comes to work every day with a great spirit. It’s a challenging injury he was coming back from and he’s handled it very well. Still have a long way to go. We’re going to take it day by day, but he’s made a lot of progress.”

There are a lot of hypotheticals at play, as there have always been with Jaylon. The non-hypothetical though is that these recent tests Jane is alluding to do indeed show increased nerve regeneration, which is an enormously positive thing.

We did it, everyone. We got good news. Huzzah.

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