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Jason Garrett saw potential with Dak Prescott from the very beginning

We’ve attributed a lot of Dak Prescott’s success to Jason Garrett which makes sense considering Red Ball had a Dak plan in place from the jump.

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On Wednesday the Dallas Cowboys did something ridiculously awesome and aired a documentary about Dak Prescott (Dakumentary!) on their Periscope, Facebook Live, and YouTube feeds. It needs to be understood how brilliant this is, but we’ll move on.

The 41-minute film is well worth your time, but there’s a moment just past the middle that will really catch your attention. It’s an exchange never before seen by Cowboys fans between Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett discussing the prospect of Dak Prescott within the war room during the 2016 draft.

You should absolutely check out the whole thing, but if you’d like to only watch this snippet you can head over to the 24:19 mark and hear/see the conversation yourself:

Jerry Jones: How do you start making him able to get on the field with us? What do you do, what do you work on with him? How do you make him into somebody that fits for us? Or, if we’re gonna play him, and we’re committed to playing him, are we going to develop some things that are more for him and less to our system?

Jason Garrett: Well I think we would take part of our system and it could be virtually identical to what he’s run there. I don’t think mentally he has any issues. And then we have all the base plays that they have. We could run the stuff 2x2, 3x1, shotgun passing game is virtually identical.

Where he would give you an advantage is he gives you a chance in some of the, you probably would look at, some of the zone-read type stuff where you give him a chance to run the football. And you get some of those spread out looks, you create him as a runner, you deal with an extra guy in the box, and you know some of the stuff that you see Carolina do and some of the stuff you see some of these other teams who have these mobile quarterbacks.

And that would be a way to kind of get him into the game and sweating and a little... you know get his heart rate going in a positive way.

This is the type of thing that gives you goosebumps when you consider what transpired from the moment the Cowboys called Dak Prescott’s name.

It’s certainly not a secret that Dak can be useful in the run game (which was certainly aided by his rookie classmate Ezekiel Elliott). Across his rookie season Prescott had 57 rushing attempts for 282 yards and six touchdowns.

While those are impressive numbers, perhaps no particular example of what he can do on the ground is more appropriate than the two-point conversion he succeeded on to tie things up 28-all with the Packers in the Divisional Round. That was simply Dak Prescott deciding he was running it in, a foregone conclusion not all quarterbacks can make.

For all the criticisms, all the doubt, and all the never-ending day by days, Jason Garrett had a plan in place for Dak Prescott before a plan even existed. That’s who Jason Garrett is, and thankfully that’s the plan the Cowboys went with.

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