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There’s no need to overreact about Dez Bryant being late for a conditioning test

Dez Bryant was late showing up today at the Star, but it’s not really a thing.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Minicamp Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a long week for Dallas Cowboys fans, what with the Ezekiel Elliott drama and Lucky Whitehead’s dog being kidnapped. The tension is high, and on Friday NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport exponentially increased it for some folks when he reported that Dez Bryant was three hours late for a conditioning test.

Thankfully NFL Network’s Jane Slater responded by adding some much-needed context to the situation. Ian would then piggy-back off of her.

For what it’s worth the plot would thicken and the story would take another turn when Mike Fisher reported that Dez wasn’t even supposed to take the conditioning test on Friday.

Let’s assume the worst for a second and say that Dez was in fact three hours late. Many people are quick to say this is yet another indication of the lack of responsibility, accountability, and all the other ility’s inside the walls of The Star. But is it really?

There are undoubtedly issues that the Cowboys are dealing with. Issues like David Irving’s suspension, the arrests of Nolan Carroll and Damien Wilson, and most recently what is going to happen regarding Ezekiel Elliott. This pales in comparison with those things.

Additionally, it’s been reported that David Irving had an unexcused absence today and didn’t even show. But multiple beat reporters, including Clarence Hill, report that Irving is already in California and that was the reason he wasn’t in Dallas today.

Back to Dez. Is it ideal, again assuming the worst, that Dez Bryant was late? Of course not. Dez Bryant is a leader on this team, and he should absolutely be held accountable if indeed he was late. There are already reports that he might be fined, and the fact that there’s already structure in place to address this supposed issue is proof that this isn’t at all an issue of culture to be concerned about.

The tension has been bubbling all week long concerning the Cowboys, and perhaps that’s why many fans are quick to pull the trigger on citing this as a huge problem. The reality though is that this is a simple non-issue and hardly an egregious transgression.

What do you think, BTB?


Is it an issue that Dez Bryant was three hours late? (assuming the worst)

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