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Kurt Warner said he’d rather build around Dak Prescott than Carson Wentz

In two weeks we’ll be celebrating Kurt Warner going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Today we celebrate his brilliance as he said he’d rather build around Dak Prescott than Carson Wentz.

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When it comes to Cinderella stories at the quarterback position in the NFL, Tony Romo was always compared to Kurt Warner. Everybody knows how Warner went from stocking grocery shelves to winning league MVP, the Super Bowl, and Super Bowl MVP.

Two weeks from now Kurt’s achievements in the game of football will be highlighted when he is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Warner is part of the class of 2017 and shares it with Dallas Cowboys owner, president, and general manager Jerry Jones.

Kurt and Jerry are going to have something interesting to talk about in Canton, as Warner said something interesting on The Big Podcast With Shaq. On the latest episode Kurt was asked (right around the 29-minute mark) who he’d rather build a team around, Dak Prescott or Carson Wentz.

“I’m gonna go with the Cowboys. I’m gonna go with Dak. The reason I say that is, you know I got a chance to get to know Dak a little bit. And his demeanor is unique that, you know, he came into all this so quickly and kind of fell into it and had great success, and it doesn’t ever seem to be too big for him.”

“He seems to be able to welcome the opportunity and to have confidence in it that what he did last year was not just luck or wasn’t just something that he fell into and it wasn’t just the benefit of the great pieces that he had around him, that I think he’s only going to get better.”

“And not that Carson’s not going to be a really, really good player and not, you know, do some great things at the NFL level... I just love the demeanor and the personality of Dak Prescott. And I do, I think what we saw last year is going to be what we see consistently throughout his career.”

“Whether they have that much success as a team, who knows. But I think he’s in a great situation to succeed and I think he’s got a great head on his shoulders where I do believe he’s gonna have a really, really good career. And so I would go down that path, as much about the quarterback as I think the pieces that they have in front of him, that always helps the quarterback to succeed that I think they’re gonna be in great shape there in Dallas for a number of years.”

The subject of who’s better between Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz is a silly one that made its way through social media recently, and well Kurt Warner isn’t going to have any of that now is he.

Chalk another vote up for Dak, please. Just the vote of a Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback, too. No big deal.

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