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Cowboys press conference: “How in the world is Jimmy Johnson not our coach?” Jerry's wife once asked.

The Cowboys held a press conference prior to kicking things off in Oxnard.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp begins this week and the Cowboys three amigo’s - Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, and Stephen Jones took some time to answer questions. There were a lot of the “usual suspects” questions regarding players in trouble and suspensions and as you might expect, the Cowboys wouldn’t divulge any good sound bites there. But whenever you have Jerry in front of a microphone, you’re always in for a treat. Here are the highlights of Sunday’s press conference:

What a beautiful site. I can almost smell the football greatness in the air.

As expected, the dead horse was beaten with several questions about allegations and looming suspensions so let’s get those out of the way early. Nobody blinked when it came to offering up any new information, however Jerry expressed some confidence that there is no evidence that would implicate his star running back, Ezekiel Elliott, being in trouble for the domestic violence issue.

With all the off-season trouble, Garrett was asked if all these events did anything to break up the momentum of the successful 2016 season. The Cowboys coach was quick to remind people that last year is in the past and used his science skills to explain that it is an every day challenge to generate momentum.

Jason would speak highly of Zeke, expressing how much they believe in him.

But the constant questions had to be aggravating. Garrett was short at times and had moments where he appeared to become irritated.

Jourdan Lewis wasn’t present as he is dealing with his domestic violence trial. There is nothing new here and that was to be expected.

I wish Stephen would have chosen different words as it’s never good when the words “convicted” are used with a player undergoing a trial, especially how things get spun when it comes to the Cowboys.

Jerry tried to deflect some of the negative heat the Cowboys have had recently by bringing up another organization that has had it’s fair share of controversy.

New England likes to push the envelope to see what they can get away with, but there is no denying that when the dust settled, they came out looking like champions.

Of course the next biggest topic was Jaylon Smith. Again, nothing new about his progress. Reporters tried to get them to speculate, even asking about the percentage of nerve regeneration. But again, no new details were provided. Jerry Jones jazzed up the decision making process by reminding people the type of risk/reward Smith was.

They touched on free agent losses with an emphasis on money being the clear driving force as to why players like Brandon Carr, Barry Church, and Morris Claiborne aren’t on the team any more. Jerry explained that you can’t have everything and have to make some sacrifices in order to retain other nice things.

There would eventually come a day where all of us would be a nervous wreck as we dealt with the post-Tony Romo era. Well, that time has finally come, yet nobody seems too worried about it. Not even Romo’s biggest fan.

The finale of the press conference came when Jerry was talking about why he chose his wife to deliver his Hall of Fame introduction. He told a story about pillow talk and how she laid into him about one of his biggest decisions as owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

A reporter asked, “what did you tell her?”

Everyone laughed, the press conference ended, and Jerry was let off the hook.

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