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Lucky Whitehead exonerated, case of mistaken identity

Just when you thought this thing couldn’t get any crazier... welcome to the Dallas Cowboys.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Day 1 of Cowboys training camp was the most Dallas Cowboys thing ever, and if you thought that Day 2 couldn’t build off of that hype then you must not know this team. The Lucky Whitehead saga continues, and the plot has severely thickened. Lucky Whitehead has been completely exonerated, charges have been dismissed, and he was innocent the entire time.

Just to be clear, we’re talking about a man who last week made national news for having his dog kidnapped. It was then as it is now, Lucky Whitehead is the victim and this time it led to the loss of his job not his dog... or did it?

This is all as of Tuesday morning, the second day of Dallas Cowboys training camp. Lucky Whitehead was publicly made an example of, but he is still technically on the roster. What appeared to be the Cowboys making a statement has now totally and completely blown up in their face to the point that it is now an even larger distraction.

The reality of Lucky Whitehead is that he likely wasn’t going to make this team, anyway. The Cowboys, obviously aware of this, understood the level to which he was expendable and used it to their advantage to the point of sending a message. Many have pounded the table for Jason Garrett and Co. to do something like this, perhaps with a player like Damien Wilson, and when he/they finally did it, it turned out the player in question was 100% innocent. This is real life.

It really did seem like an impossible task for the Cowboys to outdo the avalanche of narratives that slid down on Monday. Hello Tuesday, you’re off to an incredible start.

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