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Cowboys news: says no Super Bowl for Dallas this year

Latest Cowboys headlines: No Super Bowl in 2018? Cowboys thin at LB? A rotation at left guard?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Rookie Minicamp Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

VIDEO: The case against the Dallas Cowboys playing in Super Bowl LII - Yahoo Sports

The gang at NFL Total Access give us a video breakdown of why they feel Dallas will not be celebrating the franchise’s sixth Super Bowl win in early 2018. We might beg to differ, but this video clip does give us food for thought to cover the final stretch before Oxnard.

Cowlishaw: If Jaylon Smith isn't ready, Damien Wilson situation could leave Cowboys awfully thin at linebacker - Tim Cowlishaw, Dallas Morning News

Sure most of us would love to believe that Jaylon Smith is going to set the world on fire from his first professional snap, but reality could set in rather quickly as he transitions to the NFL and attempts to rebound from a devastating injury. Damien Wilson was a good insurance policy against those initial challenges, but now Wilson has a serious issue ahead of him as well.

Cowlishaw addressed this concern and others during his most recent live chat with fans.

If Smith isn't ready and Wilson's situation is as serious as it appears, then they start looking awfully thin at linebacker.

20 Questions: Which Rookie Will Be The Most Productive Player in 2017? -

The staff over at the mothership offer up a round-table style discussion about the incoming class of 2017 and which rookie will be the most productive. Nick Eatman picks Chidobe Awuzie.

Eatman: The easy answer is Switzer because he’s the one doing most of the work in the offseason. Let’s not forget both Beasley and Whitehead were out, giving him a ton of the reps. Yes, I think he’ll have a role but it will be limited. The guy who will play the most is Chidobe Awuzie. Whether he starts at safety, or has a primary role in the nickel packages, his skill set of safety-corner is too much to overlook. I think he not only plays a ton on defense, but special teams as well. At the end of the day, he’ll be the guy doing the most among the rookies.

What’s the big deal about Dak Prescott using an autopen? -Gil Lebreton, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Some of us may feel that if a fan collects autographs then the players should have the courtesy to sign them personally, while others might take a look at how many requests a high profile athlete gets and understand why they would use a signing machine instead. Regardless, the machines are commonplace and they are here to stay. That is a given. They have been for a long time, but heaven forbid that a certain Dallas quarterback use an autopen.

But as with many stories like this, you've got to wonder who profits form news like this. Lebreton has an idea:

But consider the source of the story, Beckett Media, based in Dallas. What better way to call attention to its newly formed Beckett Authentication Services than to have one of its two top authenticators, Steve Grad, blow an easy whistle on the Cowboys quarterback?

In the Prescott case, nobody is claiming anybody counterfeited anything. The whistle being blown smacks of Beckett grandstanding at Prescott’s expense.

Will the Cowboys' defense improve on 2016 performance after free-agency losses? Jonathan Jones, Sports Illustrated

The question everyone wants to know is ‘How will this all play out for Dallas in the upcoming season?’.

The Cowboys struggled throughout 2016 to produce turnovers and consistent pass rushing, and after a good-not-great offseason of talent acquisition, one must wonder if the Dallas defense will have enough juice to make a serious postseason run.

The answer to that question should contain a healthy amount of skepticism around this Cowboys’ defense, albeit on paper and in July.

Rotation at Left Guard Could Be the Cowboys Best Option - John Williams, Inside The Star

We have been treated to several seasons of consistency along the offensive line, even with the Leary/Collins shuffle. Now with Ronald Leary departed for Denver and La’el Collins shifting into Doug Free’s spot, the Cowboys might be looking at a different version of the interior lineman two step.

Cooper and Green figure to be the front-runners in the left guard competition. They have already received snaps with the first team offensive line.

What might suit the team best is a situational rotation of sorts.

Green will need to show that he can hold up to the power rushes from interior defensive lineman. If he can, perhaps he’s your best option in passing situations.

On the interior, it’s Cooper. While he may not have the athleticism to be as effective in space anymore, he still has the physicality and strength to open holes for Ezekiel Elliott.

It’s unconventional to split snaps and have situational offensive lineman, and I’d argue that continuity would be a major deterrent to doing it this way. If the goal, however, is to get your best five lineman on the field at any given time, then Jason Garrett and the Cowboys coaching staff should consider this.

Meet the greatest Dallas Cowboys fan out there - Barry Horn, Dallas Morning News

Yes, this is a rehash of a piece that first appeared about the time the playoffs began last season, but it is a fun piece to close out today’s edition of the news links. It also serves as a challenge for you and I to up our games as fans of America’s Team.

Miss Price has been calling out Cowboys players since the franchise's birth in 1960. From original Cowboys such as Bob Lilly to rookie quarterback Dak Prescott, she has serenaded them all.

By the way, it's the players who respectfully christened her "Miss Price." To a man, that's what they call her, though former Cowboy Marcus Spears had the temerity to call her "Miss P."

Carolyn Price is a role model for the passion that we all feel as a part of the Cowboys nation.

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