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Dak Prescott has ‘no knowledge’ of machine-made autographs

Looks like the Cowboys star QB wasn’t involved in a mini-scandal that involved his name.

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It has been a trying offseason for the Dallas Cowboys. It started out when David Irving got in trouble for failed a drug test for taking performance enhancing substances. As it turns out, it’s an over-the-counter substance that he’s endorsing and unbeknownst to him, it’s not allowed. But hey, ignorance is no excuse and now he’ll have four games to sit around and think about what he’s done.

Then there’s Ezekiel Elliott who still has a domestic violence investigation that’s been open since the Carter administration. And while all this is dragging, he’s out doing a lot of questionable stuff. Last year, he visited a weed shop when he was in Seattle because he was “curious.” Then, a few months ago, he was at a St. Patrick’s Day party doing naughty stuff. And for some reason, he keeps getting into car accidents. Whether he’s driving or not driving or whether he rear ends someone or gets rear ended, he’s just not safe in a car. Zeke has not been charged with any wrong doing with any of these issues, but the fact that’s he’s constantly in the news for stupid stuff is frustrating.

And let’s not forget that last week, Damien Wilson got in trouble after arguing with someone over a parking spot. There were some people tailgating and taking up too many parking spaces. That angered Wilson and he ended up bumping someone with his car, flashed a weapon, and now he’s in a really deep mess.

Ay caramba!

Hey, but there are good guys on the Cowboys team too so don’t fret. And one of those guys is supposed to be Dak Prescott. You know Dak, he’s the new franchise quarterback. The young, likable kid that has brought new life to the future of the Cowboys. And just when everyone started loving the guy, reports surface that he’s been involved in a scandal where he’s used a machine to sign a bunch of autographs on a bunch of Panini America trading cards.

Not our Dak!

But hang on a second. Maybe this is an instance where a Cowboys player is actually innocent of any wrong doing. Recent information has stated that Prescott had “no knowledge” of how some cards had machine-made autographs. Whew! I don’t know how much more I can take.

The information released states:

“Prescott and his representatives have worked closely with Panini during this process since becoming aware of the discrepancies and have no knowledge of how those cards were returned to Panini.”

Panini America trading cards are trying to smooth things over...

“Panini has committed to remanufacturing all the Dak Prescott Prizm Football cards, which Dak will sign to replace all the autograph cards within the Prizm collection. All the remanufactured cards for the Prizm collection autographed by Prescott will feature a special Dak Prescott hologram to differentiate the new cards.”

Having a machine sign autographs isn’t as terrible as some of these other things, but it’s still a shady thing to do. It’s fraudulent and would be an embarrassment to the Cowboys organization. So while it’s not that big of a deal, it’s comforting to see that he appears to be innocent on this one. Of course that won’t stop the haters from running with it and we’ll have to hear about it all year. The truth won’t matter to them. Just an accusation is all they need to convict any Cowboys player and sentence them to years of stupid memes.

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