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BTB Roll Call: What happened to you over the course of the offseason?

There’s been a lot that’s happened in Cowboys Land since the playoff loss to Green Bay, but what happened to all of us? Life moves on and as we get ready for the 2017 season, let’s celebrate it all!

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve already watched the Dallas Cowboys play two football games (admittedly lukewarm preseason contests, but hey, it still counts) and that’s quite a glorious feeling.

All offseasons are different, and it feels like this past one was both quick and painfully long. The draft nuts lost themselves in tape, we scoured the market for free agents, and a serious life landmark landed for the Owner, President, and General Manager of the Cowboys.

As we near closer to the September 10th date against the New York Giants we thought it would be great here at BTB to celebrate the achievements, milestones, and general passing of time by the greatest community there is.

Jerry Jones went into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, a lot of former Cowboys went to new homes, a lot of rookies joined America’s Team, but what happened to you?

What has happened in your life since 3rd and 20 (apologies)? With such a great following here at BTB we’ve surely had some proposals, marriages, children born, graduations, and a whole heap of other things that deserve some love.

The best thing about every single Dallas Cowboys offseason is that they all end. Thankfully we passed that checkpoint a while back, so much so that this Saturday the Dallas Cowboys will even play a game at home for the first time since that fateful Divisional Round contest.

Let’s hear it, BTB. What happened over your offseason?

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