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Don’t be surprised if Ryan Switzer throws a pass for the Cowboys

While Ryan Switzer’s versatility is praised in terms of the return game, he could be of use on a trick pass play of sorts.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Rookie Minicamp Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

From the moment he was drafted by the Cowboys, many have had enormously high expectations for rookie wide receiver Ryan Switzer. “Switz” can contribute in the slot and as a return man, but there’s a more unknown element to his game that could be of use.

Switzer will theoretically be what Lucky Whitehead was for the Cowboys, plus a lot more (you know like of actual use). Many continually referred to Lucky as a gadget type of player, and while that label doesn’t totally fit Switzer, he is known to have a specific trick up his sleeve.

Can anyone name how many passes Ryan Switzer, a wide receiver, threw in college? You’ve seen one so you know it’s more than zero, but your time to guess is ending as this sentence does. Ryan Switzer threw five passes while at North Carolina.

Ultimately during his time as a Tar Heel Switzer was 3/5 for 105 yards with 2 touchdowns and no interceptions. That’s actually really impressive... for a wide receiver!

The Cowboys have acquired the services of Ryan Switzer in this department just one season after they utilized the same skill set from two other receivers - Cole Beasley and Dez Bryant.

It’s obviously not a foreign idea to Jason Garrett or Scott Linehan to let a wide receiver sling the rock. Considering Ryan Switzer threw at least one pass every season at North Carolina, typically on one of those screen pass set ups, it seems like this could come in handy for a rainy day.

Dallas has failed to utilize their previous gadget players (Lucky and Lance Dunbar) to the degree that many have pounded the table for. Considering Switzer is in line for a diverse level of responsibilities and that they already played their Dez and Cole cards, this could happen when the situation calls for it.

Imagine it now. Dak takes the snap, finds a speeding Switzer off to his right, and Ryan fires it off to a streaking Cole Beasley for a Sauce Brothers score. It’d be quite epic.

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