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Five bold predictions for the Cowboys and Colts preseason game

What’s bolder than bold? I’m bolding this font just to show you. Let’s get wild for Week 2 of the preseason!

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The ‘Boys are back in town. Somewhere out there, Thin Lizzy is nodding in approval.

Yes, the Dallas Cowboys are returning home to AT&T Stadium where they will host the Indianapolis Colts in Week 2 of this year’s preseason period. Break all of the things, jump as high as you can, and high-five anyone around you. Today is long overdue.

The last time we saw America’s Team in their own house, well we’d like to forget that day. Today they’ll make their triumphant return and bring with them someone who is hopefully a part of this team’s long-term future - Jaylon Smith.

Jaylon Smith is playing football today for the Dallas Cowboys. Read that twice more to let it properly soak in. Jaylon suffered his infamous injury during the Fiesta Bowl on January 1st, 2016. It’s been 596 days since he played a proper football game, so today is understandably quite a hurdle for the young man.

Let’s talk about this game though, and let’s do it in a bold fashion. I’ll be dishing out five bold predictions every week this season, and here is this week’s version. Let’s party.

Dak Prescott will throw a touchdown to Dez Bryant

This wouldn’t be a particularly bold thing to say if we were talking about a regular season game, but considering it’s the preseason and we don’t know exactly how much Dak and Dez will play... it’s a bit of a roll of the dice.

The Cowboys have had a lot of off-the-field things hovering over them lately, and it makes sense that putting the pads on like normal would feel somewhat therapeutic after it all. Tell me that Dez Bryant isn’t itching to get into the endzone where he belongs and do it with a straight face, I dare you.

The Cowboys will recover two fumbles

If you watched last week’s preseason game then you understand why the notion of Dallas recovering even just one fumble is bold, but let’s double up on it with dos.

Last week may turn out to be an aberration of sorts in terms of how many fumbles the Cowboys will force per week on the season, but it could also be an indicator of that number being high.

This week’s final bold prediction will hopefully contribute to half of the causation of this (don’t read ahead just get excited), but nonetheless let’s plan on scooping up what belongs to us twice tonight and call it a solid day’s work.

Lenny Jones pours lighter fluid all over his hype fire

The Cowboys have a a nice UDFA on their hands (whoa that’s never happened before) in Lenny Jones. Ol’ Lenny is starting to turn heads around Cowboys Nation, largely thanks to his nice play in Los Angeles against the Rams.

Dallas is going to need some help along the defensive line to start the season considering the suspensions to both David Irving and Damontre Moore (they need help in general anyway). The Cowboys and Lenny Jones are almost a tandem that we’re setting up on a blind date because they’re perfect for one another right now.

Cowboys Bingo will be a thing all season long. Rico Gathers has a concussion, I know, but it’ll be okay I promise.

The great part about the idea of Lenny Jones having a nice night is that it means you’ll likely perform well in Cowboys Bingo presented by BTB’s OchoLive. Congratulations to you.

Jason Garrett will go for it on fourth down at least once

Red Ball has kept a straight face all offseason, but like Dez finding the endzone, he’s itching to bust out. Thankfully he’s got short fourth downs as the airspace and all he has to do is cross into it.

Considering that this is a preseason game (spoiler alert) coaches like to throw spaghetti at a wall from time to time to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s easy to envision a scenario where it’s 4th and 2, and Kellen Moore throws it one yard (bingo!).

Jaylon Smith will force a fumble

These aren’t called “reasonable predictions” and come on it’s been 596 days. I said we were going to party and party we shall!

Look, Jaylon Smith is in all likelihood going to be a bit rusty just from a football-only perspective. It’s been almost 600 days since he’s played in a normal environment, and injury aside that’s a great challenge in and unto itself.

I don’t care, though. This is Jaylon Smith’s day and we’re going to give it to him. Watch him channel all of that pent up energy and unload it on an unfortunate Colt (these days though they’re all unfortunate). Then we’ll really party.

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