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Why Ezekiel Elliott’s appeal is going to last for three days

Everyone thought it would last a day, but Elliott’s appeal will stretch out until Thursday for a total of three days.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Ezekiel Elliott’s appeal of his six-game suspension will last until Thursday as new witnesses are added to the list of those testifying. The initial impression was that the appeal would take place in a single day, this past Tuesday. But now, after spilling into Wednesday it has been confirmed that it will continue into Thursday. Dan Graziano at ESPN reports:

At Ezekiel Elliott's appeal hearing Tuesday, witnesses testifying included Elliott himself, as well as NFL Director of Investigations Kia Wright Roberts and the NFLPA's own forensics expert. Hearing was originally scheduled for two days but has been extended into Thursday after the NFL agreed to make available by phone a witness they initially denied to make available at the union's request.

Graziano also speculates on who the witness is on Thursday.

It seems clear the NFLPA is exhausting every avenue they can during Elliott’s appeal.

As noted previously, the decision by Harold Henderson, the person designated to hear the appeal by Roger Goodell, has no specific timeline but is termed “as soon as practicable” in the CBA. The Cowboys open the season on September 10th, but will have to make their 53-man roster cutdowns by 4 PM ET on Saturday. That doesn’t leave much room for an answer on the appeal before the Cowboys have to decide on roster spots.

The possibility of Elliott going to the court system to get relief is still available if he and his team are unsatisfied with the results of the appeal.

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