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Ezekiel Elliott’s hearing is finally over, could “new evidence” lead to a reduced suspension?

It’s finally over, so now we wait...

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After over 24 hours of meetings, the Ezekiel Elliott suspension hearing is finally over.

The appeal hearing started on Tuesday as more information was presented to arbitrator Harold Henderson, who will now come to some decision regarding Elliott’s suspension.

It becomes a waiting game for Elliott, but there is some buzz that there could be a change in the suspension. ESPN’s Adam Schefter believes there is a real chance the suspension gets reduced:

"The more that I have heard, the more I think he has a real chance to have some games knocked off the suspension," Schefter said on ESPN Radio's "Mike and Mike."

And what is it that makes Schefter feel this way?

"It's the facts of the case, and again, they're coming in," Schefter said. "There is sworn testimony in this case and I'm sure some of the sworn testimony over time will emerge and everybody will get to see what has and has not been said here the last 24-48 hours and during the course of this appeal hearing."

So what has transpired that could possibly make Henderson feel compelled to reduce Elliott’s suspension? Mike Fisher reports that the defense team may have had a “star witness” that will help their case.

And amid rumors that Elliott’s defense team has “powerful new evidence,’’ we’re told that “evidence’’ will actually come in the form of witness testimony on behalf of Elliott on Thursday.

Through all of this, Elliott has repeatedly proclaimed his innocence and who’s to say that a reduction in sentence would appease him. He still may choose to take this to court if he is not satisfied with Henderson’s ruling.

So, when will we hear something next? It’s tough to say, but if it’s not soon, the Cowboys are moving forward with Elliott in the mix for the season opener.

ESPN reports there is pressure to get a decision soon.

NFL appeals officer Harold Henderson is under pressure to have a decision on Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott's appeal of his six-game suspension by Monday, a source told ESPN.

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