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WATCH: Jerry Jones calls Dez Bryant and donates $1M to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

Jerry Jones has a heart of gold, and he just donated one million dollars to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

NFL: Pro Football Hall of Fame-Enshrinement Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans were supposed to have their preseason finale in Houston on Thursday evening. Unfortunately, Hurricane Harvey has devastated Houston to the point that it’s not possible.

Earlier in the week the two teams had agreed to play the game in Arlington at AT&T Stadium, with all profits going to charity. That was before it became possible for the Texans coaches, players, and staff to get back to Houston. Understandably, they chose to cancel the game in order to attend to their homes, families, and city in need.

In lieu of a preseason game this evening, the Cowboys decided to do what they could to help in the relief efforts for Houston and all people impacted. They had a telethon in conjunction with a practice at AT&T Stadium.

The lines were swamped, a testament to humanity’s giving spirit, but one particular phone call did manage to get caught on video.

Jerry Jones called Dez Bryant’s line and had a really kind and playful conversation with him. He was lighthearted in his charming way, but ultimately he then got down to the point at hand - raising money for people who need it. Jerry Jones donated one million dollars, and Dez Bryant was the one who got to note it in.

In the aftermath of the devastation that Harvey caused this week, it’s been heartwarming to see how much the human spirit has triumphed over it. Jerry Jones is one of many, many, many examples of this, and here’s to his donation going a long way towards getting people’s lives back on track.

The Cowboys said they raised over $2 million during the telethon.

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