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Cowboys’ Brice Butler finally earning some respect

An offseason ago many anointed Brice Butler WR2. This time around people had given his job away to almost anyone.

NFL: Pro Football Hall of Fame Game-Arizona Cardinals vs Dallas Cowboys Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

There are many who have been quick to get rid of Cowboys wide receiver Brice Butler. For almost no apparent reason, seemingly.

Never mind the fact that Brice Butler is the tallest (6’3”) wide receiver that Dallas employs or that he’s the second-heaviest (220 lbs.), the Cowboys drafted Noah Brown in the seventh round! Brice was doomed, remember?

Now this isn’t meant to turn into an anti-Noah Brown moment (Brown is actually the heaviest wide receiver currently on the Cowboys), but I use him specifically to speak to how far Cowboys fans had gone in the anti-Brice movement.

When Dallas traded for Brice Butler during the 2015 season, things never really got off on the right foot for him. With a full offseason under his belt, and animosity built up towards a different Dallas wideout in Terrance Williams, people were ready to hand Brice the reins to WR2 this time last year. Oh how quickly the tides can change in Cowboys land.

All offseason long the narrative has been that Brice Butler is expendable, isn’t going to make this team, and isn’t really much of a whole lot in any sort of capacity. It’s time to let all of that go and respect this man.

Brice Butler is arguably the best in the NFL at what he is to the Cowboys - WR4. Find a fourth, arguably fifth considering Ryan Switzer, wide receiver on any NFL team that you would rather have over Brice Butler. It’s difficult to do because there isn’t an option that makes sense.

The Brice Butler Hype Train is running at what feels like maximum velocity these days because of his performance in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game. Nobody cares about stat lines, and we’re all understanding of the type of competition this game was, but it’s hard to walk away from that game not significantly impressed by what Brice offers.

Brice has spent this offseason really focused on how to make his game better. He’s kept his head down and cleats on, looking to deliver on the hype Cowboys fans met him with following the 2015 trade. It would seem that he’s off to as best a start as he can be in 2017.

6’3”. 220 lbs.. This is the frame of a wide receiver that can do some damage in the NFL. There’s no question that Brice is gifted both physically and athletically, it seems like those traits are starting to translate themselves into production on the football field for the Cowboys.

Who else wants to board this ride? The only requirement is that you finally show some respect to Brice Butler, it’s long overdue.

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