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Hall of Fame: Social media celebrates the induction of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, a true NFL pioneer

Jerry Jones had a better weekend than all of us as he’s now a bonafide Hall of Famer.

NFL: Pro Football Hall of Fame Game-Enshrinees' Gold Jacket Dinner Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

After the Cowboys’ were able to win their first of five preseason contests in a 20-18 victory over the Cardinals, the only thing left is to witness their owner become the 307th member of Pro Football’s most exclusive club. First, this never gets old, watch the moment he gets his visit signifying the honor:

Make no mistake, a preseason game was a sight for sore eyes but this weekend is about something much bigger and that’s the fact that Jerry Jones is now a Hall of Famer. This one is for the haters:

Here is the first of many tribute videos to the visionary who became the first NFL owner to win three championships in his first seven years at the helm:

This was quite the gesture from the city that Jerry Jones helped turn into a major market in the world of sports:

Social media has been buzzing starting on Friday with a party that was thrown in Canton to honor Mr. Jones’ induction. It was the place to be with everyone from former/ current players to political figures in attendance. When Jerry Jones is the master of ceremonies, spare no expense:

Justin Timberlake gave an almost two-hour performance; he even covered Michael Jackson and Elvis:

I mean, with napkins like these, it couldn’t have been anywhere close to affordable:

Speaking of Jerry-isms, they actually put together some hilarious videos of memorable quotes from the guy who is never short on them:

It would be easier to name the list of folks that didn’t attend his party and some were willing to admit a giant case of FOMO overtook them:

Cowboys’ past and present in these photos, some HOF’ers and others that may end up there one day:

The party was undoubtedly a blast but it certainly didn’t end there. Jerry Jones was also part of the Hall of Fame parade Saturday before the ceremony:

Right before the ceremony began, Jerry became only the third person including Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan to receive a special gift from Phil Knight of Nike:

Here’s Jerry and the “Playmaker” Michael Irvin:

Right before Jerry was scheduled to take the stage, the entire Cowboys’ roster and coaches filed in to hear his induction speech:

Every Cowboy you could think of was in attendance for this speech, every Cowboy:

Is anyone classier than Gene Jones, the matriarch of the Cowboys’ organization had some wonderful words but these rang truest:

Finally, we have the big reveal of Jerry’s Hall of Fame Bust:

A few highlights from his speech included:

On Jimmy Johnson:

On Troy Aikman:

On Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, and Larry Allen:

He even found a way to thank Herschel Walker:

Of course, you have to remember the guy that got it done:

And, of course, these guys deserve some love for their contributions over the last decade plus:

After thanking his coaches and players, it was time to thank the family:

The best zinger of the night:

Last but certainly not least, he thanks all the fans:

All in all, it was the longest speech of the night, almost 37 minutes and he didn’t shed a tear though a lot of others did. It was an incredible speech, filled with passion, comedy, nostalgia, and most importantly a genuine love for the game!

One last salute to Jerry Jones, the very deserving 16th Dallas Cowboy in the Pro Football Hall of Fame!

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