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Cowboys News: Is Jerry Jones ready to make up with Jimmy Johnson?

Latest Cowboys headlines: Jones ready to kiss and make up with Johnson? Only 'a matter of time' before Jaylon Smith is dominating. More.

Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Jerry Jones on Jimmy Johnson: 'You were a great partner' - Mike Leslie, WFAA

It is no secret that Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson had a rocky relationship when Jones decided to move on from the successful coach. However, during his Hall of Fame induction speech, the head man of the Cowboys credited the man that helped lead America’s Team to two Lombardi Trophy’s.

Jerry Jones pivoted to his left, outstretched his arm, and pointed at Jimmy Johnson, praising the former coach of his Dallas Cowboys for the role he played in starting a dynasty in Dallas in the early 1990s.

Jones credited a coach who he feuded with at the end, for helping lay the groundwork for a franchise that became the most valuable in all of professional sports."You were a great teammate. You were a great partner," Jones said to Johnson, as Johnson smiled back at him. "And contrary to popular belief, we worked so well together for five years."

Jerry Jones seems to be ready to kiss and make up with ex-Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson - Cindy Boren, Washington Post

Is Jerry ready to make up with Jimmy? If last night is any indication, it looks to be heading that way.

Could it be that the NFL’s oddest of odd couples are on the verge of getting back together?

Talk about cats and dogs and end times, it sure sounded as if the icy relationship between Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson was thawing a bit Saturday night as the Dallas Cowboys owner and his former coach retracted their claws a bit.

Jerry used the occasion of his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame to say that he might consider ending one of the Cowboys’ great oversights and bringing Johnson into the team’s vaunted Ring of Honor. After all, Jimmy did coach the team to two consecutive Super Bowl victories and played a role — the two men have squabbled over how large it was — in the building of that team.

Could Jimmy Johnson end up in the Cowboys Ring of Honor? - Dave Halprin, Blogging The Boys

Now that Jones publicly gave credit to Johnson at one of the biggest moments of his life, could we see the former Cowboys coach in the Ring of Honor? Halprin writes on some of Jones’ quotes of the move potentially happening in the future.

Jimmy Johnson was with the Cowboys for five years, but those five years were spent taking the Cowboys from bottom of the barrel to a dynasty. Everybody knows of the famous falling out between Johnson and owner Jerry Jones that led to Johnson’s time in Dallas being cut short. After that, their friendship was strained for a long time. But over the years the bad memories have faded, the good ones have grown and the two men have rekindled their friendship. Now that they are on good terms once again, could Jimmy Johnson be headed for a spot in the Ring of Honor?

Jerry Jones says differences with Jimmy Johnson 'not that much to fuss about' - Todd Archer, ESPN

Jones talks more about his relationship with Johnson. The Hall of Fame owner says the differences between the two isn’t “that much to fuss about”.

"Just so we're clear, you know me: I want to make anything we do in that Ring of Honor -- I want to make it have its own special attention, so I'm not going to get into that right now," Jones said after the induction ceremony. "But I hope it was obvious up there how much I appreciated what Jimmy has contributed to the Cowboys [and] his, frankly, lifelong friendship.

"Our differences, while they were certainly visible and magnitude because of the nature of it, if you really look at our friendship over the years, there's just not that much to fuss about. And so, it was pretty easy to reflect back on his contribution and what he meant."

Jerry Jones says Jimmy Johnson and, yes, Barry Switzer deserve HOF honors - Drew Davison, The Star-Telegram

Jones continued praising his former coach. The man running America’s Team says he believes both Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.

Jerry Jones had nothing but good things to say about former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson during his Hall of Fame speech on Saturday.

Jones doubled down on that Sunday, saying Johnson also deserved a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame during an enshrinees roundtable event.

That should come as no surprise, of course, as Johnson has reached finalist status for the Hall of Fame before and was a semifinalist last season. Johnson has impressive credentials, turning a 1-15 Cowboys team in 1989 into a back-to-back Super Bowl winner in 1992 and 1993.

Jones and Johnson, teammates at Arkansas before their NFL days, had an unceremonious split after the 1993 championship, but those wounds appear to have healed in time.

Why Jerry Jones made sure to thank Herschel Walker during his Hall of Fame speech - Steven Ruiz, For The Win

While crediting his former head coach, Jones also made sure to thank Herschel Walker during his introductory speech. Walker was a huge part in the Cowboys eventually winning three more Super Bowls — even if he wasn’t wearing the silver and blue.

Herschel Walker was, however, the centerpiece of the trade that allowed Jerry Jones, Jimmy Johnson and the Cowboys to build the best NFL team of ’90s. On Oct. 12, 1989, Dallas sent Walker (along with four mid-round draft picks) to Minnesota in exchange for five players and eight draft picks.

The Cowboys used those picks to draft players like Emmitt Smith, Darren Woodson and Alvin Harper. Without Walker’s approval of the trade, the Dallas dynasty may have never been a thing and Jones may not have a Super Bowl ring or have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday. So it made a lot of sense that Jones would give Walker a shoutout during his induction speech (at the 11:57 mark).

For the Joneses, Hall of Fame ceremony all about family - Todd Archer, ESPN

Despite all of the fame, wins, and honors, Jerry Jones knows who is most important to him: his family. Cowboys executive Stephen Jones talked about his father and what it means to see Jerry among the football elite:

"It's time to get him in," he said. "I'm ready to see the bust. Obviously, it's great to see him in that gold jacket. He looked like a natural. And he looked great up there with his Hall of Fame tennis shoes on, too ...

"This is such a validation of an amazing career. Obviously, he loves the game. He loves the NFL. He loves the Dallas Cowboys. And more than anything else, too, loves that he's done it with his family. And it's important for us that we feel like we're all going into this thing together with him. I'm so happy for him and what he's represented in terms of our family and now making this huge step to be one of the legends in the NFL."

The Dallas Cowboys have the second highest cluster of high-value players in the NFL - VAfan, Blogging The Boys

On the field, the Dallas Cowboys are loaded with talent. VAfan writes on the Pro Football Reference ‘Approximate Value’. The Cowboys stack up well.

What we’re going to use it for in this article is to see how many high-value players there were on each team in 2016. We don’t have data for this year yet, and we can’t guess how this year’s players will perform, so last year’s data will have to do for now.

We have chosen to arbitrarily cut off the evaluation at players who achieved a 10 AV or higher in 2016. 128 NFL players received grades that high or higher last year.

If those players were divided equally over the 32 teams, one would expect exactly four 10 AV players per team. Of course, that’s not how they were divided.

29 of the teams had at least one 10-AV or higher player. The three that didn’t? Chicago, San Francisco, and Cleveland.

The top team had nine 10-AV or higher players, two teams had seven such players, and 14 teams had at least five such players.

Ex-NFL scout: Where Cowboys WR Brice Butler has improved; where Rico Gathers needs to get better - SportsDay

How good can Brice Butler be this year? One former NFL scout believes the Cowboys receiver has improved at running his routes. That’s good news to Dak Prescott’s ears.

Question: What is Brice Butler doing different this year? Or is he simply playing better?

Bryan Broaddus: Well, he's finishing. That's the thing about it with Brice Butler.

Brice Butler has always had the ability to separate. When you talk to the players, like we have every day, they tell you about Brice Butler's ability to make people have to chase him. From 20 to 60 he's probably the fastest player that they have. He's not gonna win the 10-yard days, but he'll win the separation part of a race. I think with Butler that's important to him.

He's doing a better job of running his routes and finishing at the top of his route. There's been some practices where the defensive backs have done a really nice job in coverage. And Brice seems to have an ability to make them have to turn and chase him off moves he makes off the top of the stems.

Give him credit for that. But more importantly we saw last night [with] the two big catches his ability to finish. That's something he really, really lacked. He was kind of a 50-50 player down the field. But now you're seeing him finish more of those plays.

Cowboys would you rather: Morris or McFadden? Butler or Williams? Moore or McCown? - Matt Mosley, SportsDay

The preseason is the time of the year where players all over the league are fighting for roster spots. Matt Mosley takes a look at Alfred Morris’ Hall of Fame Game performance, Brice Butler versus Terrance Williams, and more.

Alfred Morris ran with a purpose Thursday night (how bout that spin move?). Do you think he is letting this team know he won't be tossed aside easily?

Mosley: That was a really nice move. He seems more nimble to me than McFadden at this point. I'd probably go with Al over McFadden...but it's close. Rod Smith was the workhorse last night. He'll run over some folks. Cowboys have to keep status quo at that position until the Elliott news comes down. Jerry is lobbying hard for a non-suspension. Continues to say that he can identify being treated like a "rock star" like Zeke. That's also called enabling.

Reviewing Cowboys rookie Taco Charlton’s Hall of Fame game performance - Joseph.Hatz, Blogging The Boys

BTB’s own Joseph Hatz takes a look at Taco Charlton’s performance during the Hall of Fame game this past Thursday.

Charlton initially uses an outside rip move but notices that the running back is there to chip/double team him, so he spins back inside. He actually has a clear lane to the quarterback with a step on the right tackle but the ball is out before he can close. The quarterback gets the ball out here in almost exactly three seconds, if he’s forced to hold the ball an extra half second by better coverage, or if Charlton can speed up his transition to the spin, he’d be right there to impact the pass. Not great but not bad either, especially to see him string two pass rush moves together even if you can tell that it’s mechanical and not yet instinctive for him.

Cowboys LB Sean Lee: Only 'a matter of time' before Jaylon Smith is dominating - SportsDay

Jaylon Smith dominating? Sean Lee thinks so. And says it’s only a “matter of time” before he does.

On those dreaming to see Smith and Lee side by side at LB...

Lee: I think he's a complete package. Physically, he's an incredible athlete. Mentally, I mean, the instincts he has, how he works, the work ethic, it's a matter of time before he's dominating. It's going to be fun to watch.

Years after Jerry Jones 'lusted' for Jonathan Cooper, is the Cowboys guard finally panning out? - Jon Machota, SportsDay

Could Jonathan Cooper be the answer at guard for the Dallas Cowboys? Jerry Jones certainly hopes so.

In January, owner Jerry Jones said the Cowboys "lusted" for Cooper and "almost died when Arizona took him." Later that week, Jones added: "Same cats that picked [Smith, Frederick and Martin] are the same guys who thought Cooper was going to be the next coming."

The Cowboys had similar feelings about Collins, a player many considered a first-round talent. Entering the third week of camp, the former left guard appears to have Free's old starting spot at right tackle locked up. He started there Thursday night.

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