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Roger Goodell shoots down Cris Carter's claim: “We haven’t made any decisions yet” on Ezekiel Elliott

The latest in the NFL investigation of Ezekiel Elliott.

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Earlier today, Cris Carter caused quite a stir when he hinted on the failed FS1 show “Undisputed” that he had inside information on the Ezekiel Elliott case, and also hinted that the suspension would be more in the range of what Tom Brady got (four games) instead of the one or two games that have been referred to by other sources.

It didn't take long for Roger Goodell to respond. Here's Bob Glauber of Newsday, reporting from a Giants fan forum at which Roger Goodell answered questions about Carters claim:

Last week, in what many considered a trial balloon by the NFL to get ahead of the ball of this drawn-out investigation, Deadspin reported that Commissioner Roger Goodell has had no involvement in the proceedings related Elliott.

That strategy went out the window when it became public knowledge that Elliott had a hearing in late June that Goodell attended.

In Carter's latest case, parallels had been quickly drawn to the Tom Brady suspension, as Mike Florio of PFT explains.

Two years ago, someone at 345 Park Avenue leaked to Stephen A. Smith of ESPN the notion that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had destroyed his cell phone in connection with the #Deflategate investigation. Within a day of the leak, Brady was suspended four games due in part to the allegation that he’d destroyed his cell phone.

Now, it seems like someone at 345 Park Avenue has leaked to Cris Carter of FS1 the notion that Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is about to be suspended.

Leaking information of this kind could be a strategy to buy some more time as the league gauges the PR-effect of the newest leak, for which Cris Carter was a convenient vehicle.

The NFL's investigation into Ezekiel Elliott has gone on for more than a year now, with still no clear resolution in sight. Jerry Jones has gone on record saying he doesn’t believe Elliott will be suspended based on the evidence he has seen. The season opener is not far away, so we'll likely see over the next few days how this plays out.

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