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5 bold predictions for the Cowboys season opener against the Giants

It’s just about game time, so let’s get bold.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

After a lot of heartache, draft preparation, debate, discussion, and waiting... we have officially arrived at the 2017 Dallas Cowboys season. Welcome one and all.

The Cowboys will kick things off tonight against the New York Giants on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. Cowboys/Giants is a bit of a tradition when it comes to Week 1 in the NFL, and in the spirit of traditions we’re starting a new one this season here at BTB - bold predictions.

Buckle up and get ready as we go where probably some have gone before, the land of the bold and beautiful. Remember that these are bold predictions, so something like “Dan Bailey will never miss a kick ever” doesn’t work since that’s extremely likely.

Dak Prescott will have over 50 rushing yards

The most yards Dak Prescott has ever achieved on the ground in a regular season NFL game is 39 (Thanksgiving 2016). He had 12 yards in the opener against New York last year and a big whole yard when visiting the Giants later in the season.

It’s no secret that the Giants are bringing a stout defensive line to town. It’s part of the reason that Dak and Co. lost both contests against the G-Men last season. Even though Ezekiel Elliott is going to play, it’s likely Dak will have to get on the move quite a lot.

Chalk up half a c-note for Dak on the ground this Sunday. Just make sure to slide, please.

Jason Witten will become the Cowboys all-time leading receiver within the first five offensive plays

If you haven’t heard, Jason Witten is 17 yards away from becoming the all-time leader in receiving yards for the Dallas Cowboys. While people like to say records aren’t important, wins are all that matter, and all that jazz... it’s a big deal.

The Cowboys, Witten, and Dak are all aware of how close the future Hall of Famer is. On a night where everyone is filled with nothing but excitement, it’s only fitting that it happens right away to demoralize the Giants.

Ryan Switzer will return a kick or punt to the house

On the subject of destiny, perhaps the Cowboys are destined to have incredible fourth-round rookies forever. Ryan Switzer has yet to appear with the Cowboys in a game of any kind, so to call for a return in his first instance of putting on the uniform... you get it.

Play Cowboys Bingo all season long, presented by BTB’s OchoLive.

The reality though when it comes to Ryan Switzer is that he’s insanely good in the return game. Dallas has been looking to fully replace the man returning things for the Giants, Dwayne Harris, ever since he left. It would be poetry for it all to happen right in front of him.

Dez Bryant will get the better of Janoris Jenkins

When the New York Giants signed Janoris Jenkins, a lot of people laughed. It was Jenkins and the Giants that got the last one in 2016 though when it came to the Cowboys and Dez Bryant.

Bryant had two catches for 18 total yards in his two meetings with the Giants last season. Needless to say, there’s nowhere to go but up from that type of stat line.

For the first time since prior to the 2015 season though, Dez Bryant has had an entire offseason to get right. He’s not coming off of being hurt to end the season, he’s coming off of finishing as the monster that he is.

Look out Janoris.

Ezekiel Elliott continues his reign as the NFL’s leading rusher

It was early October last year when Ezekiel Elliott took his position as the lead dog in the NFL’s rushing race, and he never looked back. It’s not necessarily leading things wire-to-wire, but not giving up the lead is impressive.

Should Elliott not finish Week 1 as the NFL’s leading rusher then there would be a new temporary name atop the leaderboard. Considering the offseason Elliott has had and the decision levied on Friday that will seemingly allow him to play all season... well if you think someone else is rushing for more yards than him, good for you.

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