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NFL power rankings Week 2: Cowboys move into the Top 5

We look at 10 different rankings to figure out where the Cowboys, Giants, Redskins, and Eagles are ranked.

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NFL: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday is power rankings day, so here's a rundown of 10 power rankings published heading into Week 2 and their take on where the Cowboys rank. A little farther down you can see how that compares to the rest of the NFC East. - No.3 (LW:6)

No specific comments provided, but's 18-voter panel ranks the Cowboys third behind the Packers and Chiefs.

PFT - No. 4 (- -)

4. Cowboys (1-0): Dak Prescott is Dak Prescott 2.0.

10. Eagles (1-0): Carson Wentz >> Kirk Cousins.

24. Giants (0-1): Time for OBJ to get PĀD.

25. Washington (0-1): It’s good they have Scot McCloughan to fix the problems on the roster oh wait.

ESPN - No. 5 (LW: 6)

According to Elias Sports Bureau research, Dak Prescott's four interceptions are fewest in a quarterback's first 17 starts since the merger. Possible overreaction: Prescott's ball control is crucial to the Cowboys' success, and unless he starts throwing picks, they could be destined for a deep postseason run in 2017.

Washington Post - No. 5 (LW: 7)

RB Ezekiel Elliott is in the lineup, perhaps all season, thanks to the injunction granted by a federal judge in Texas that keeps his six-game suspension on hold. With Elliott, the Cowboys are back to being the equal of anyone in the NFC. Elliott and QB Dak Prescott played well in the victory Sunday night over the Giants, and the performance of the remade defense was a pleasant surprise.

Freep - No. 5 (- -)

If Ezekiel Elliott ends up playing the whole season, the Cowboys may spend the entire year in the Top 5.

Oddsshark - No. 5 (LW: 6)

No comments provided

USA Today - No. 6 (LW: 6)

Dallas caught the Giants without OBJ and exploited New York's shaky O-line. But give young, beleaguered Cowboys D credit for starting strong.

Yahoo - No. 6 (LW: 6)

The Ezekiel Elliott court decision, assuming it holds all season and allows Elliott to put off his six-game suspension, is obviously huge for the Cowboys. Dak Prescott got all the attention this offseason, but Elliott was the Cowboys’ MVP last season. It’s hard to not place them as NFC East favorites with what we know about Elliott’s situation and how they dominated the Giants on Sunday night. No. 6 (LW: 8)

The Cowboys couldn't have asked for a better outcome Sunday night, even moving past Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. being a late scratch or Ezekiel Elliott's availability. Dallas went one up on its stiffest rival, dominating most of the night. The much-maligned defense -- particularly the pass rush -- looked active all evening. Everyone came out of the game healthy. That includes linebacker Jaylon Smith, who started his first meaningful game in nearly two years -- and made a few plays, to boot.

CBS - No. 6 (LW: 9)

Their defense looked better than expected against the Giants, but that could also be because the Giants' offense isn't very good. Having Ezekiel Elliott available is huge for this team.

NFC East Power Rankings Summary

ESPN 5 2 11 29
Chicago Tribune 8 1 23 29
Sagarin Ratings 9 3 16 27
Sports Illustrated 9 3 8 29
Yahoo 10 1 12 29 12 1 10 29
Washington Post 14 2 13 29
AVERAGE 9.6 1.9 13.3 28.7

What do you think, Cowboys fans? Is No. 5 about right after the win over the hapless Giants?

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