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Five things we are thinking after the Cowboys week one victory

After a successful start to the season, there are things to think about.

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This week I am joined in the BTB think tank by some of my esteemed colleagues on the front page. Thanks gentlemen for sharing your collective thoughts.

Dak ... He seems to play his best when underestimated

That was the thought from Cole Patterson, and the consensus is that Cole hit it on the head with that line.

There are some saying Dak had a bad game, despite the way the Cowboys dominated the Giants and had no three and outs the entire game (and were the only team to not have one in the league). It sure looks like they are underestimating him again. Yes, he missed some throws, but that is likely to improve. - Tom Ryle

He was not perfect on the night, but the Prescott we saw on Sunday night is only going to get better. Regardless, playing QB in Dallas always draws a more critical review than is warranted, ask Danny White and Tony Romo, but Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman were not perfect either. Here is to hoping that people keep underestimating him and that he always plays with that chip on his shoulder.

The defense was on fire, especially early. It will be interesting to see if they can stay that way.

That’s Tom Ryle again, and I could not agree more. There was not too much to complain about in the debut of this year’s defense. The Cowboys secondary lost Orlando Scandrick early on and still they did not miss a beat. They might be young and inexperienced, but this group has a bright future in front of them.

The men up front did there job as well. Demarcus Lawrence looks to be back to form and Charles Tapper had a solid first outing on the defensive line. The pass rush in Dallas is off to a good start.

If Rod Marinelli can keep building on this foundation then the Cowboys are going to have a stout defense regardless of the claims about their lack of pedigree.

The staff has done an excellent job putting together this year’s squad.

The Phantom is going to handle this one.

I am very impressed with the sum of the parts with this Cowboys team. Offensively, we know how great this team is. The Cowboys scored five times against a great Giants defense. Yeah, they only got one touchdown, but the Giants are one of the best red zone defenses in the league.

The more impressive thing is the performance of the Cowboys defense. They join the Ravens as the only defense to keep their opponent out of the end zone this weekend. The pressure at the line is pretty good, the linebacker play is outstanding, and the surprise play of the secondary has me real excited for what could be. This defense doesn't have to be spectacular for the Cowboys to win a Super Bowl. They can do it with a B grade group. I can't help wondering if this unit could end up being an honor roll squad and if that happens - look out! - DannyPhantom

One win a season does not make

Jason Garrett will not let his team rest in the wake of a dominating debut. A successful season in 2016 has resulted in the Cowboys being tasked with a difficult slate this year. Thanks to the NFL’s attempt at parity the best teams are given the hard road back and champions prove their mettle by overcoming the difficult terrain. Dallas cannot afford to let up now.

The next challenge will be to stack one good performance on top of another. They will have to prove that the team is capable of winning week in and week out. They must not only win within the confines of AT&T Stadium, but also on the road.

We may be on top of the world as fans, but in the trenches it is necessary to prove yourself in every game and on every snap of the ball. This is a what have you done for me lately league. Fifteen more chances to prove themselves worthy still remain for the Dallas Cowboys and there is not one easy test in front of them.

Jaylon Smith is (still) the real deal

Smith finished second on the team in tackles during his first professional contest. Dallas had planned to limit his involvement as they bring him along. He saw more action than was anticipated due to the defensive team’s success.

The gameplan called for Justin Durant to see more of the action at middle linebacker. The team devised situational sub-packages for each player. The way things unfolded the situations rarely called for Durant’s packages.

While it might not have been “according to the plan”, it did work out. Smith was a physical presence throughout the game. He proved that he could continue to answer the bell and do so effectively. It was almost like he never missed a beat during his one year hiatus from live football.

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