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NFL files emergency motion in 5th Circuit court to stay injunction for Ezekiel Elliott

The NFL makes its next move in the Ezekiel Elliott case.

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Earlier this week the NFL made its intentions known in their case against Ezekiel Elliott; they were going to continue to fight it in the courts and try to get the suspension reinstated as soon as possible. Today, they filed an emergency motion to get a stay on the injunction granted to Elliott last Friday. They filed this motion with the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. The motion asks for an answer from the court by September 19th and no later than September 26th. If the court did respond by the 19th and if they ruled in the NFL’s favor, then Elliott would not be available for the Arizona Cardinals game next Monday.

Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk thinks that jurisdiction is the real motive behind this motion.

The league’s primary goal seems to be putting the issue of jurisdiction before the appeals court, hopeful that the appeals court will find that the entire case should be dismissed because it was filed too soon, before the federal judge in Texas rules on the issue of whether the case should be dismissed.

Ultimately, the league hopes to secure the dismissal of the Texas case, with the lawsuit the league filed in New York then taking precedence. Based on the eventual outcome in the Brady case, the league believes that it would quickly win its New York case.

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