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BTB’s OchoLive: Post-game analysis of the Cowboys terrible performance in Denver

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Another episode of BTB’s OchoLive is ready for your viewing. Today’s episode is R.J.’s recap from right after the game. There is some in-depth discussion about just what went wrong on Sunday. How did the offense come up so short in a game? Also up for discussion, how did the defense end up being so bad? Yes, injuries were involved, but that doesn’t account for everything. Did Jason Garrett coach a bad game? It’s been a while since his gameday calls were under fire, but it’s a discussion point.

The one piece of good news. if you’re going to lose a game this badly, it’s best to do it to an AFC opponent on the road.

RJ is on it as he recaps the major talking points from the game. Check it out, and a big shoutout to RJ for creating the show. Also, check in every afternoon for the show live on the Facebook page.

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